Travel Around Italy Like A Local By Using Trips2Italy

Travel Around Italy Like A Local By Using Trips2ItalyVisiting a foreign country can be a little overwhelming – lots of new experiences like travel, getting around, and even understanding the language, but Trips 2 Italy is here to help you visit their native country and experience it like a local!

In Europe, countries are a lot easier to travel around, especially Italy. They have great public transportation inside the bigger cities, like Rome, Naples, or Milan. The subway systems are a fantastic and inexpensive way to get to attractions, restaurants and cafes, or hotels. There are also buses and taxis if you do not like going underground. The rail system is extremely useful to cross the country and visit other cities. In Venice, you take the vaporetto, or water bus, which goes up and down the expansive canal system in the city. You can also hire water taxis and gondolas, but water buses are inexpensive and you get to mingle with the locals! Though Italy is smaller than the US, sometimes it is easier and faster to just fly from one place to the next. Some of the islands, like Sicily and Sardinia, are easily accessible by air. Lesser-known forms of transportation include ferries and hydrofoils that connect the mainland to some of the islands in the Lake District in the north, or even smaller islands along the Adriatic Coast.

Travel around Italy can also include riding on a Vespa or even cycling tours of certain cities and regions. Trips 2 Italy offers vacation packages (for the more adventurous) that include tours by Vespa where you zip around the city on a motor scooter and taking in the sights. Vespas are ideal vehicles as they are faster than bicycles, easy to maneuver through traffic, and inexpensive to fuel. Plus, you look like a local when you are on one! Cycling tours are for those that cannot leave their love of cycling at home. Tuscany is absolutely breathtaking when you cycle through the gently rolling hills dotted with vineyards and cypress trees. Not all attractions need to be reached on wheels! Many of the places are within walking distance of each other and make it easier to plan and time your visits.

Trips 2 Italy will make sure that your accommodations are central to the sites you wish to visit, and are close enough to walk to without wearing you out too much. You will need that energy to explore and discover. But this is Italy, so all the incredible food and drink will help keep your energy levels from flagging! They can also help you book private drivers, and for larger groups, buses. Trips 2 Italy can also help you travel around Italy by logistically planning and scheduling your itinerary. This means that they can help you plot out the best routes you can take to fit in all the attractions you want to see. They also have escorted vacation packages that include a tour escort, which makes getting around even easier!

Travel around Italy is easy when you use Trips 2 Italy’s services. Their incredible customer service and dedication to creating unforgettable vacation memories is what makes them one of the best US-based Italian tour operators. Call them now and start planning your next vacation!

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