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Many tourists look to the cities towards the top of the “boot” of Italy when they plan their vacations. But if you really want to see another aspect of the rich culture, history and beauty that Italy has to offer, you owe it to yourself to travel down south to the “heel” of the boot and visit Bari.


As the capitol of the Apulia region, Bari enjoys a rich history of both the old and the new.  Bari’s old town is a place where time stands still, with its winding medieval streets, cathedrals and, of course, it’s famous port. Bari is the second most important economic center in southern Italy next to Naples, as it is the gateway to the Adriatic Sea and beyond it is the Greek Islands


What makes Bari truly unique is that it is a blend of incredible medieval history, yet it also has a modern appeal in its restaurants and nightlife. The colorful markets are filled with great shopping and the beaches offer a full array of watersports, swimming and sunbathing.


It truly is a city that has everything to offer.


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