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A view of Bondone mountain close to Trento Italy
Avio Castle near Trento Italy
The lions of San Vigilio Cathedral Italy
Colored buildings in Trento city center Italy
A view of Trento towers Italy
Traditional cheeses from Trento Italy
The typical carrot cake from Trento Italy
The delicious polenta from Trento Italy
The famous speck from Trento Italy
A small medieval village close to Trento Italy
A nice balcony in a mountain village close to Trento Italy
The apse of Trento Cathderal Italy
The traditional making of Polenta in Trento Italy
Geremia Palace in Trento Italy
Buonconsiglio castle and Trento mountains Italy
The lively cathedral square in Trento Italy
A detail of Buonconsiglio castle in Trento Italy
Neptune Fountain in Trento main square Italy
A view of Trento in Winter Italy
Cathedral square by night in Trento Italy
Geremia Palace in Trento Italy
Palazzo delle Albere in Trento Italy
Archeological Roman finds in Trento Italy
A Roman mosaic in Trento Italy
The Carnival in Trento Italy
A window of Geremia Palace in Trento Italy
A festival held in Trento main square Italy
A polenta festival in Trento county Italy
The Christmas market in Trento Italy


This description page of Trento, in the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige, will guide you in planning your trip to Italy and help you find useful travel information about this Italian city.


Trento is a city of art, history, and represents a crossroads for the contrasting cultures of Italy and northern Europe. Trento was the Romans' strategic gateway to the north. For centuries to follow, the region was the base for fortresses such as Castello del Buonconsiglio.


Originally a Roman city, Trento became famous for the Council (1545 -1563) which gave rise to the counter-Reformation. In an effort to reduce the rapid progress of Martin Luther's Reformation, from 1545 to 1563, the Council of Trento was held by the Catholic Church. The Bishop Princes rule lasted until 1801.

Trento is an ideal place for visiting museums and expositions, castles and sanctuaries, wine cellars and typical restaurants, archaeological, historical, and nature journeys.


Places to visit include the Castello del Buonconsiglio, the Duomo and its splendid square, the houses decorated with frescoes, the churches of the Council, the museums and exhibitions which today make Trento a city of art, culture, and traditions beyond those of the Alps.


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