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View on the Citta' Alta Bergamo Italy
Piazza Vecchia square Bergamo Italy
Colleoni chapel cupola Bergamo Italy
Wintertime on the Alps surrounding Bergamo Italy
View of the Basilica and the Colleoni Chapel Bergamo Italy
Sunset in Bergamo Italy
Frescoes in the Santa Maggiore Basilica Bergamo Italy
Colleoni Chapel interior Bergamo Italy
Sundial under the arcade Bergamo Italy
Colleoni Chapel entrance Bergamo Italy
Marble sarcophagus inside the Basilica Bergamo Italy
View on the Citta' Alta Bergamo Italy
Medieval castle in the province of Bergamo Italy
Medieval tower in the province of Bergamo Italy
Wintertime on a medieval village Bergamo province Italy
Medieval tower in Bergamo surroundings Italy
The Rocca Bergamo Italy
Ferry on the nearby Iseo Lake Bergamo Italy
Malpaga castle Bergamo province Italy
Pagazzano castle Bergamo province Italy
Medieval tower in Bergamo surroundings Italy
Medieval tower Bergamo Italy
Urgnano castle Bergamo province Italy
View on the Alps Bergamo Italy
Marble lion at the entrance of the Basilica Bergamo Italy
St. Maria Maggiore's cupola Bergamo Italy
Citta' Alta  Bergamo Italy
Medieval alley Bergamo Italy
Old washing place Bergamo Italy
Fortified wall around the Citta' Alta Bergamo Italy
Piazza Vecchia square at night Bergamo Italy
Porta Nuova Bergamo Italy
Bergamo Citta Alta Italy


Glimmering on top of high hill, the original medieval town sits, presiding over the more current metropolis of Bergamo. Palaces, churches, and huge, thick stone fortifications used to defend Venice from the Milanese, Spanish and finally Austrian, describe the citta' alta (high city) as do narrow, cobblestoned streets lined with houses little affected by the march of time. Below the citta' bassa (low city) is a more modern cityscape that began in the 16th century, home to most of the city's 120,000 residents. Midway between is the Galleria dell'Accademia Carrara, one of the best provincial art museums in the country and is crowded with high quality Renaissance art.

Much of the city's architecture is an interesting mix of Romanesque, Venetian Renaissance and attractive early 20th century Rationalist style. The heart of the citta' bassa was built in the 1910s and 1920s by  Marcello Piacentini and features wide tree-lined avenues and a pedestrian walkway, the Sentierone (the big path) covered with trees and dotted with cafes.

Bergamo's old city, the citta' alta, is the place to experience a beautiful old city with its pedestrian and visual pleasures and is well worth a visit in its own right. Paired with that is an excellent art museum and a compact vibrant modern city.

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