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Church in Genoa Italy
Fishermen boats Genoa Italy
The Lantern of Genoa Italy
Cathedral of Genoa Italy
The harbor Genoa Italy
The old harbor Genoa Italy
Enogastronomy in Genoa Italy
Frescoed houses in Genoa Italy
Marina in Genoa Italy
Alley in old Genoa Italy
Fortress in Genoa Italy
Typical focaccia in Genoa Italy
Aquarium Genoa Italy
Sea storm in Pegli Genoa Italy
Historic pageant Genoa Italy
Historic Regatta in Genoa ITaly
A glimpse on Genova Pegli Italy
Arts and crafts Genoa Italy
Famous clock factory in Genoa Italy
Old industrial factory in Genoa Italy
Delicious focaccia of Recco Genoa Italy
Canestrelli biscuits Genoa Italy
Old streetcar in Genoa Italy
Gardens in Genoa Italy
Ducal Palace in Genoa Italy
Hall in Ducal Palace in Genoa Italy
Confraternity procession in Genoa Italy
Salami from Genoa Italy
Old Villa in Genoa Italy


The birthplace of Christopher Columbus and Nicolo' Paganini, one of the most famous and talented violinists in the world, Genoa is a city of architectural and cultural treasures and a city alive with people of all ages, backgrounds and social status.  As Italy's main and most powerful commercial seaport it has for centuries attracted people to its many narrow alleyways called carruggi, its Romanesque and Baroque churches, aristocratice castles, sculpted monuments and multitude of museums holding a wealth of art.


Selected as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2004, this dynamic city is a vision of yesterday, the grand towers of the past in the Park of Walls, the fortresses and thick walls used to protect the city, the simple fisherman villages, ancient gardens and elegant homes sit against a backdrop of fabulously beautiful landscapes, high cliffs and  romantic vistas of the gulf. The city is rich in its of the symbols of the work, industry and tradition of the Genoese people.

New cultural centers in the recovered dockyards give new life to maritime frame of the city and to important cultural events. It's a city for families and children who can enjoy the innovative Aquarium, the largest in Europe, and the City of Children, an interactive, educational playground.

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