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An old codex from Gubbio Italy

Gubbio Culture

major events in umbria


Deeply entrenched Italian culture flourishes in Gubbio and is manifested in its traditional medieval festivals.


the palio della balestra

On the last Sunday in May, men from Sansepolcro come to compete in the Palio della Balestra, a fiercely fought crossbow contest dating back to 1461, with a procession, flag-throwing, and music.


the passion

An even older custom is the Good Friday procession and a representation of the Passion, performed at the little church of Santa Croce della Foce just outside the city walls, with medieval chants and music played on wooden instruments call battistrangoli.


the corsa dei ceri, may

Corsa dei Ceri is one of the oldest religious events to be held in Umbria. This 900-year-old ceremony takes place the day before the feast of Sant'Ubaldo (the town's patron saint) and includes a mass, a banquet, and an arduous foot race. Additionally, the focal point of the occasion, the ceri, has become the symbol of Umbria, represented by three red stripes on the region's coat of arms.

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