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Travel around ITALY (The Whys and Because Of)

To take from a familiar phrase: We believe that discovering how "to live like the Romans do" means that you must first ask one.

The reason why most of our staff is native tongue it has Italian background, is to offer to our Customers our prime knowledge of the entire country in a sort (real) of Italian style.

At Trips 2 Italy, We will personally do what it takes, even the IMPOSSIBLE, to meet and exceed your expectations.
The breathtaking landscapes, the history and the arts of the main cities and the little villages, the excellent food and wine tradition, and the smile of the Italians are only some reasons to visit Italy. To enjoy completely our beautiful country, let’s go together.

We will arrange individual itineraries, tour groups, air and ground transportation and accommodations tailoring what best our Italy has to offer to you and your travel companions.

We are proud of the first hand knowledge of beautiful little boutique hotels, family style bed and breakfasts and cozy farmhouses within a walking distance from the main spots with a warm and selected hospitality. We will show you, the secret beauties: the typical restaurants and shops where the local inhabitants eat and buy far away from the tourist crowd that follow an umbrella to see a Museum... Don’t worry!! You will be not by yourself!!

We will provide to you all the information and tips to enjoy Italy and make your holiday a unique experience in a new way and with complete freedom.
To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will work closely in assisting to tailor your itinerary and to fulfill your desires. You have just to contact us, tell us which are your thoughts and whishes... we will stop only when you are satisfied.

Let us bring you to discover our Bel Paese.

Buon viaggio and... Benvenuto in Italia!

For those not yet convinced:

If you still have some doubts about our Italy, if what you have seen on our website has not convinced you to call us yet, please keep reading below: Hereafter you will find some of the most common missconception about Europe and Italy in general, which may be true 20-30 years ago, but that now are only part of history and legends:

Languages barriers:
Yes in Italy we speak Italian, but most of us have learn English and other foreign languages since we were very little... So don’t worry at all about it, if your Italian will not be perfect once there, look us at how we do: Speak and waive your hands trying to express what you are looking for... Not only you will have fun doing that, but will you also be surprised that a sign is worth a thousand words!

Bathroom in the Bedroom:
This is the most popular legend still around. By Italian Law all Hotels have to have a private bathroom for each room. This is mandatory;

Italian Food ( Like our “Mamma” makes it! ):
Everybody does know, have eaten Italian food, haven’t you?! The ingredients are the same in Italy, maybe slightly different because the fresh and typical Italian ingredients are not available here or they cost too much!
Do not believe to anyone that tells you that Pizza was invented in New York or Chicago! It was in Italy! Also a cow make “moo“ over there too... and the Bologna Ham can be found there as well, because it takes the name of the Italian city of Bologna where it originally was produced.
Once at the restaurants you will hear a lot “Mangia, Mangia! “ ( meaning Eat Eat! ), yes, because the normal Italian meal is composed generally of five courses, from apetizer to dessert and coffee, from the first course of pasta or a soup, the second course meat or fish then a dish of cheese or fruit; so anybody will encourage you to test all of them. Don’t worry, you are on a Holiday and walking to the next museum or shop will burned the calories!

Costs and travel time:
Probably just the name “Old Continent“ with an entire ocean in between, always helped the common perception that Europe and Italy are too far away and too expensive to visit just for the distance. All wrong! For instance, a person that live in New York takes about 6 Hours to fly to Los Angeles, while takes the same time to fly to Rome or to Milan. Your Airplane ticket? Almost same price . Now a days, it easy to travel and discover the world, from almost any International airport there are at least four or five daily flights to Europe and Italy, and even you are not close to any of them, from your closest airport we can find the right connection to see the gondola’s in Venice!
About the accommodations you will chose to stay at, please be aware that not all the properties are furnished of Gym and Saunas/Swimming pools, because of the size and location, ( For instance, consider that a building in Venice can be about 500 years old, and well protected by the Italian Governament to preserve the Artworks and the history in it), so even a modern hotel may not have space for a swimming pool...

All inclusive policy, like you may find here in some Caribbean resorts, in Italy can be only found in Tourist Villages, usually open for the Summer Time and in the Beach resorts and often in remote locations.
Instead the common Italian formula is usually Breakfast only, always included with your accommodations, at some properties offer to include an additional meal usually dinner ( HB or Half Board) or two – lunch and dinner – ( FB or Full Board).
You have only to chose what you would prefer. Try to enjoy and discover all the typical and various cuisine which Italy is so rich and famous for!

Weather Conditions:
It italy and in most of Europe, there are the Four Seasons, and the climate, the temperature and the surrounding nature change with it, depending when you will decide to visit us and where, you will find heat or cold, can be sunny or rainy... it depends.. you should know also that in Italy the Three National Public Television Chanels , when they show the weather prevision, state 3 different forecasts, so at least one of them should get it right!!

So what are waiting for ??

Come with us to discover and travel to Italy!