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Grotto in Ponza coast Pontine Isles Italy
Wonderful sea color in Pontine Isles Italy
Ponza Coast Pontine Islands Italy
Ponza overview Pontine Islands
Ponza harbour View
Ponza Coast Pontine Islands
Ponza gulf Pontine Islands
Volcanic cliffs Pontine Isles Italy
Boats on Pontine Islands Italy
Rough sea Ponza Coast Pontine Isles Italy
Blue sea Pontine Isles Italy
Nice inlet in Pontine Isles Italy
Bay in Pontine Isles Italy
Transparent sea in Pontine Isles Italy
Approaching Pontine Isles Coast Italy by boat
Turquoise sea color Pontine Isles Italy
Clifs Coast in Pontine Islands
Pilato's Grotto in Ponza Pontine Isles Italy
Promenade in Ponza harbor Pontine Isles Italy
Ferry in Ponza harbor Pontine Isles Italy
Beach in Ponza Pontine Isles Italy
Boats in Ponza harbor Pontine Isles Italy

Pontine Isles

If you want to spend warm days at pristine beaches, sail the magnificent waters to nearby islands, or snorkel and scuba dive to discover underwater treasures such as sunken ships, caves, and coral beds, visit the Pontine Isles where relaxation and leisure have been transformed into a high art. Ponza is the largest of these stunning volcanic islands, the others being Ventotene and Santo Stefano to the east and Gavi, Zanone, and Palmarola to the west.

Spreading out to form a stunning volcanic archipelago just off the western coast of Lazio, midway between Roma and Napoli, these sunny islands generously offer you a playground of sparkling turquoise waters, secluded beaches, tiny vineyards, fields of wildflowers, and serenity. Discover whitewashed houses trimmed in classic Mediterranean pink and blue, fertile green hills, and the vineyards of a countryside little affected by the passage of time.


Set on one of the most beautiful coastlines on the Mediterranean, the island of Ponza is the greatest of the Pontine Islands; its jagged coastline is a mosaic of multicolored rocky cliffs, and shores dramatically peppered with caves, grottoes, and steep offshore crags. This rocky landscape also has bays and little beaches, the most famous and most extensive is Chiaia di Luna.

The town of Ponza is delightfully laid out like an amphitheater around the port and is the island's main tourist and seaside resort. This harbor town attracts visitors to its charming hotels, small shops, and exceptional restaurants, which many visitors are convinced serve some of the finest seafood in Italy.


Not far from Ponza, with a population of only about 300 residents, is Ventotene, a curious little island that was founded around 300 BC as a Roman colony, and it was they who built the magnificent harbor at Pertuso Point, which greets you upon your arrival. For those seeking a laid back getaway from their hectic everyday lives, this sleepy refuge will charm you with their tiny fishing villages, sparkling waters, and an unspoiled landscape.


For the traveler seeking something extraordinary, in a country where nearly everything fits that description, the Pontine Islands remain one of Italy's glittering undiscovered gems, rich in history and beauty.

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