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Stone Carving particulars of Church Doors
Lucca Giunigi Tower View
Lucca Small Red Brick construction
Holy Cross religious procession in Lucca Italy

Lucca Culture

An important city under the Romans, Lucca later became a republic, fighting for its independence against Pisa. It remains famous for the works produced in its music school, founded in 787 AD and for the school's famous student, Giacomo Puccini, who gave the world some of its greatest operas like Madame Butterfly and Tosca and for notable visitors like the great English poet Percy Shelley who wrote "The Baths of Lucca" about this small medieval town surrounded by red ramparts.


The historical center of Lucca lies within a unique wall system of small red bricks specifically created for their construction. The walls, built as a defense against the enemy Firenze took many years to make (16th to 17th century), but were never put to the test in war.


Today, the wide and peaceful road which runs along the top of the walls, shaded by towering chestnut trees, attracts citizens and visitors to walk or bicycle around the city.  From here the old town with its fine architecture, ancient buildings and graceful gardens can be seen.  From this top of the city view, the a glimpse of the daily lives of Lucca citizens can be experienced.

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