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About Trips2Italy

We at TRIPS to ITALY are very curious individuals. For this reason we have traveled widely, filling our minds with our experiences like an imaginary notebook of travels; with the dreams, colors, culture, people, and beauty of Italy.

We have leafed through the pages of our travel memories in order to find the meeting point between history and charm, between man and culture, and between reality and folklore.

Thus was born the vision for TRIPS 2 ITALY: Where a team of professional native Italians are able to guide you through all the fascinating corners of Italy and to offer a framework of a style and culture as well as to flavor pure Italian.

We invite you to travel carefully through our website, call and ask; we will certainly find the best destination for you. All you simply have to do is decide where to go and we will take care of the rest by custom tailoring the itinerary that best suits your needs.

Whatever corner of Italy you wish to explore we will be at your side to accompany you on this amazing journey while our expertise and enthusiasm will enable you to travel with peace of mind.


Your Italian Experience starts Here.