Postcards Sent to UsBy Our Amazing Clients

Customers from all around the globe love working with Trips 2 Italy so much that they send us postcards telling us about their trip.

The Massari Family – Roma

Gervais Honeymoon – Amalfi

The Zuccherofino’s – Roma, Maratea

Rose Z. Vacation – Venezia

Ferrell Honeymoon – Positano

Dunn Honeymoon – Vatican

Jeanette & Kathryn – Italy

Gary + Jen Honeymoon – Roma

The Hough Family – Ravenna

Morrisons Honeymoon – Tuscany

Mr. & Mrs. Scimeca – Caltagirone

Charlotte + Will – Parma, Como

The Lathyrelle Vacation – Sicilia

The Cella Family – Trento

Toby + Diana – Palermo

The Wire Family – Roma

The Larkin’s – Firenze

Colson, Paulk & Paden – Firenze

Joi + Dorin – Cinque Terre

Mills + Mayyak – Roma, Vatican

Ricardo & Eva M. – Firenze

D. Hammer – Amalfi

The Wilson Family – Como

D. Hammer – Vatican, Roma

The Brockinston’s – San Gimignano

The Jones Family – Milano

Mr. & Mrs. Diaz – Firenze

The Chandlers Vacation – Roma

Rita Z. – Vacation, Trieste, Slovenia

The Jones Family – Como

Mr. & Mrs. Lane – Toscana

John & Mary – Lago di Como

The Wreghts & Downings – Tivoli

The Chandlers – Roma

The Claussens – Cinque Terre

The Maini Family – Vatican

Austin + Casey – Firenze, Rome

Mr. & Mrs. Segal – Roma, Venezia

Mr. & Mrs. Persi – Vatican, Venezia

David K. Vacation – Dolomite

D. Hammer – San Gimignano, Firenze

D. Hammer – Torino, St. Moritz

Eileen + Eliot – Venezia, Chianti

Jo, Lori, Christine – Firenze

The Sewell Family – Firenze

Kim S. Vacation – Venezia

Lauren & Richard – Vatican, Positano

Coleman Jr. Vacation – Italy

Lisa C. Vacation – Roma

Michael B. Vacation – Amalfi

Stefano & Cardarelli – Taormina

Mya + Brian – Toscana

Randy + Cheryl S. – Venezia

Ray Lynn, Mark, Isabella – Firenze

Rebecca + Michael – Firenze, Venice

Rita Z. Vacation – Siena

Pontone & St. Ours Families – Assisi

The Spettel Family – Firenze

The Provetto Family – Chianti, Capri

Bannons & Kelleys – Roma, Amalfi

Louis & Kristine – Siena

David + Mandie – Firenze

Patrick + Leigh Honeymoon – Firenze

Emily Summer Vacation June 2016

Sharon + Brent T. – Amalfi Coast, Capri

Natalie, Andy, Jacob And Emily W.

Pastor Roland And Mrs. S. – Venice Italy

Gary + Pam W. – Lake Como

Robert + Elizabeth R. – Rome, Vatican

Dana B. Vacation – Tuscany, Florence

Sandra + Keith H. – Pisa, Tuscany

Maria Luisa N. – Sardinia Vacation

Jovanna + Jerry – Grand Tour Lucca

Sandi + Kirk – Rome

Dan + Holly – Grand Tour Of Italy

Stuart Vacation – Tuscany

Barbara – Grand Tour Of Italy Rome

Francis + Eddie – Rome, Florence, Venice

Paul + Linda Vacation – Milan, Venice

Francis And Eddie – Honeymoon

Mary And Vincent M.

Charlene C. – Urbino Umbria

Gary And Pam W. – Monte Argentario Tuscany

Adeline K. – Travel Agent –

Torres Family Vacation – Verona

Carol Lyn Joe Barbara Glen C. – Family

Mariza Robert Nicole O. – Tuscany Sea

Kris McN. Family – Grand Tour Vacation

Nicole And Ralph T. – Wedding

Carole And Bruce B. – Tuscany And Rome

Ricardo And Tracey G. – Family Vacation

Kris McN. Family – 2nd Postcard From

Susie And Chris A. Karen S. – Amalfi Coast

Omar F. Family – Sorrento Rome Family

Mrs. Sudha – Florence Family Vacation

Gary And Pam W. – Bellagio Lake Como

Kacie And Brent McL. – Honeymoon Trip

Sheryl And Kenneth O. – Siena

Shea’s Family – Venice Vacation

Kristine S. – Italy Discovery

Marty And Gene – Italy Wedding Anniversary

Rita – Venice Vacation

Carol And Brandi M. – Italy Mother And

Cheryl And Dan V. – Venice And North Of

Knutson And Masterson Families

Karl M. – Amalfi Coast Honeymoon

Hal Z. – Orvieto Rome Vacation

Debra And Jeff G. – Tuscany First Time

Katie And Sabrina – Venice Vacation

Charlene C. – Marche Urbino

Natalie, Andy, Jacob And Emily W.

Sarah P. – Tuscany And Lucca Vacation

Michelle And Brian – Grand Tour Of Italy

Andres T. – North To South Italy

Mr. Fred – Anniversary Vacation Tuscany

Danita Jo And David H. – First Family

Candace And Kevin – Newlyweds Vacation

Victoria And Mitchel – Tuscany Vacation

Tralley Family – Italy Trip Holiday

Robbyn And David P. – Honeymoon

Oliva And Mitzi – Umbria Todi Orvieto And

Susan And Juan Carlos S. – Honeymoon

Lindsay And Donald C. – Italy Honeymoon

Sharon And Brent T. – Amalfi Coast

Lindsay – Italy Vacation

Teresa P. – Tuscany Honeymoon

Sally And Brian Z. – Newlyweds

Louise And Mandell A. – Honeymoon Trip

Leigh And Patrick M. – Honeymoon Vacation

Tim And Kristie N. – Honeymoon

Keri And Vince A. – Honeymoon

Lindsay M. – Padova Veneto

Heather And Victor – Tuscany Summer

Yhoshiko Mariko Reiko

Lisa Darlene Donna – Italy PreCruise

Brooke And Nate R. – Lake Como Vacation

Jill S. – Florence Trip

Maureen JJ Mark B. – Family Vacation

Jennifer And Michael B. – Honeymoon

Vickie And Tai – Roman Holidays

Jennifer P. – Italy Grand Tour Couple

Pas S. – Rome Venice Florence

Suzanne And David B. Italian Alps Bormio

Allison And Wyn B. – Naples And Amalfi

Kathy And Walker B. – Italy First Trip

Tray And Cheryl R. – Venice Siena Rome

Jennifer B. – Family Trip Florence

Diana And Toby J. – Celebrating 5th

Rhonda And Whitney B. – Mother And

Marthy And Gene – Couple Trip To Italy

Becky And Jacob M. – Honeymoon Vacation

Marisol R. – Family Trip To Italy

Rebecca And John B. – Coastal Tuscany And

Joseph And Lynn S. – Amalfi Coast Sorrento

Diana And Toby J. – 2nd Postcard From

Shannon And Kenneth – Lake Como Vacation

Susan And David S. – Friends Small Group

The T. Family – Sorrento And Pompeii

Frantei V. – Dolomites Ski Holiday

John And Ivette F. – Sicily And Palermo

Paul H. – Positano And Amalfi Coast

Mary R. – Rome And Amalfi Coast Family

Marty And Gene W. – Venice Florence

Joel M. – Florence Venice Vacation

Lauren And Eddie – Romantic Venice

Roger W. – Italy Grand Tour (first Time)

Carol L. – Naples And Florence

Mary And Vincent M. – Pisa Lucca

Joshua And Katie – Florence And Tuscany

Laurie M. – Graduation Vacation Italy

Beth And Greg J. – Tuscany And Rome Food

The Spencer Family – Grand Tour Of Italy

Ashley H. – Florence Family Holiday

The Greens – Rome Friends And Family

Guy And Susan D. – Rome Honeymoon

Michael And Cara – Rome Honeymoon

Peter G. – Grand Tour Of Italy Vacation

Callen – Rome Solo Vacation

Kristi – Rome Vacation

Margaret And Family – First Trip To

Mr. And Mrs. Synnot – Rome Florence

Richard V. – Sicily And Amalfi Coast

Emily Joseph And Patricia S. – Family

Riddens And Villareal – Roman Holidays

Patricia Z. – Amalfi Coast And Rome

Theresa C. – Rome Vatican Amalfi Coast

Valynn F. – Venice Florence And Rome

Adeline C. Travel Agent – Rome Pre

Troy R. – Siena And Tuscany

Chris B. – Rome Siena Florence And

Serena Cheech And Jackie

Lynn And Dannel A. – Tuscany

Clark D. – Siena Culinary And Cooking

Tom And Robyn – Volterra And San

Patizia S. – Mother And Daughter Holiday

Linda Travel Agent – Volterra And

Angela And Steve A. – Cortona And

Linda And Brian – Tuscany Culinary

Brian And Yvonne T. – Genova Portofino

Mara – Piedmont Olympics Vacation

Lynn Joel And Carol A. – Milano And Lake

Theresa G. And Carolynn Milano

Joey S. And Lynn S. – Tuscany Rome And

Mary And Vincent M. – Sicily Anniversary

Shannon And Tara D. – Grand Tour Of

Ralph And Janet D. – Sicily Vacation

Patrizia And Emily S. – Daughter

Emily And Patricia S. – Assisi And

Patricia And Emily S. – Venice And

Emily Joseph And Patricia S

Brett And Darlene Q. – Amalfi Coast

Rob And Emily M. – Rome Honeymoon

Rebecca S. Cruise Planners Clientele

Maureen B. – Mother And Daughter Gateway

Allison And Shawn C. – 3rd Weddin

Susie And Jeff S. – 10th Wedding

Jane G. – Florence Bologna And Venice

Michael And Lacey V. – Italy Wedding

Susan A. – Graduation Family Trip

The Bonelao Family – Venice Vacation

Scott And Julie L. – Romantic

Mike B. And Denise M. – Italy Culinary

Ann And Hugh D. – Escorted Group Tour Of

Patricia S. – South Of Italy And Naples

Faith And Joseph L. – Anniversary

Mr. And Mrs. Rios – Italy Newlyweds

Erin And Jason S. – Italy Family Spring

The G. Family – Italy Spring Break

Carol And Bill H. – 10th Wedding

Andrew And Kate S. – Italy Honeymoon

Kim And Sonny M. – Italy Wedding

Patricia And Joseph S. – Lake Como And

Holly N. – Italian Riviera Escorted

Hatch Family – Italy Family Vacation

Martha And Ruben G. – Italy Vacation

Aida And John P. – Siena And Tuscany

Elizabeth And Carlos A. – Honeymoon

Maegan And Michael L. – Siena And Tuscany

Robin M. – Amalfi Coast And Rome Family

Sarah And Zach L. – Spring Honeymoon Italy

Savannah And Jonathan T. – Honeymoon

Lori And Christopher C. – Apulia Amalfi

Joel, Allison And Rosemarie B.

Sandra And Timothy W. – Rome Capri Pompeii

Rose And Evans P. – Returning To Rome

Richard And Cyntia E. – John And Connie S.

Margaret And John, Gerylin And Tym K

Lulu A. – Family Vacation First Time

Gregg B. Family – Lake Como , Venice

Lulu A. – Family Vacation First Time

Carolyn And Levy D. – Honeymoon In Italy

Angela And Ryad M. – Sicily Anniversary

Danita Jo And David H. And Janet And Jeffrey

Lulu A. – Family Vacation First Time

Adelini Casey

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