The town of Casale Monferrato is located in Piedmont, a region of Northwestern Italy. It is the capital of Monferrato, a hilly territory that boasts abundant wineries, rice fields, sprawling valleys, and views of a stunning landscape that is worthy of the delicious varieties of wine and produce for which it is known.

Casale Monferrato is a considerable town and often an overlooked one. The region of Piedmont is so well-loved and so expansive, that towns like Casale Monferrato can fly under the radar. However, it maintains such a wonderful expression of history and culture that make it certainly worth a visit.

The historical town center features buildings from the seventeenth to the eighteenth centuries as well as monuments of the past, including ancient courtyards and historic churches. The city is also home to countless palazzi, palaces built during the city’s glory days that now offer a glimpse into the world of what Casale Monferrato once was.

While walking to see the town’s sites, travelers can enjoy the local cafés, restaurants, and bars that serve up traditional recipes like agnolotti and the characteristically Casale Monferrato dessert, krumiri (distinctive handlebar-shaped cookies). Take a stroll to the bustling town squares Piazza Mazzini and Piazza Santo Stefano for a delightful time people watching and soaking up the local culture. Casale Monferrato oozes history at every turn.

While there is speculation surrounding the origins of Casale Monferrato, there is evidence that suggests the land was occupied by the Celts, the Gauls of Vardacate, and then the Romans. For example, the name “Casale” is said to have originated from a Celto Gallic name and there have been archeological remnants from Roman times discovered in the area. Casale Monferrato became a free commune in the tenth century. Casale Monferrato’s city center, which is known for its Baroque architecture and atmosphere, is reflective of the city’s long history, which was characterized by the wealthy, noble families that occupied it throughout the eighteenth century.

Today, Casale Monferrato’s economy is largely influenced by the area’s geography. The city is located on a plain, which makes it an excellent location for rice cultivation – one of Casale Monferrato’s main exports. The area is also known for cement production and refrigeration industries. However, the most famous of the area’s products is the high-quality wine. From full-bodied reds to crisp whites, the Montferrato hills are known as one of Italy’s top wine producing regions.


Located in the region of Piedmont in Northern Italy, Casale Monferrato sits about 40 miles from Turin on the bank of the Po River, at the foot of the Montferrato hills.

Monferrato is a beautiful area of Italy that is known for its wine production, which is possible due to the ideal geography and climate. Characterized by rolling hills and fertile soil, it is the ideal land for growing grapes.

The climate is classified as continental. Springs are mild, with average temperatures around 60° to 70°F. Summers can reach hot temperatures, averaging in the high 80s. Spring and summer are ideal for travelers who wish to spend time outdoors. Autumn in the Monferrato area is mild, great for enjoying time out at the wineries, especially during the harvest time. Winters can be very cold, reaching temperatures below freezing during the nighttime. Travelers visiting Casale Monferrato during winter can expect occasional precipitation and fog, but many days are sunny and enjoyable.


Explore the city, taking in the wonderful architecture. During the eighteenth century, wealthy families built palazzi, churches, and unique buildings throughout the city. Today, those structures have since been rebuilt or adapted for new uses, but the essence of the Baroque architecture remains. Some of the top sites to see include the Cathedral of Sant’Evasio, the Paleologi Castle, Teatro Municipale, the Torre Civica, and the many palazzi and churches that are located throughout the city.

Visit the Synagogue of Casale Monferrato. As historic as it is impressive, this Synagogue was built in the late 1500s and houses an important Jewish museum. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful Synagogues in Europe.

Enjoy the Piedmontese cuisine, including the Casale Monferrato dessert specialty, krumiri. These cookies are a tradition of the city. Made with wheat flour, butter, eggs, and vanilla, they are crunchy and perfect for dipping in hot beverages or enjoying with an after-dinner drink such as local wine or grappa. The characteristic shape of the krumiri is said to have been inspired by the iconic mustache of the first King of Unified Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II.

Visit local wineries. The Monferrato area of Italy is widely known as one of the best wine production areas in the country. Tour local wineries and enjoy tastings alongside typical Piedmont-style cuisine. A few of the eminent DOC and DOCG wines produced in the Casale Monferrato area include Barbera del Monferrato, Barbera del Monferrato Superiore, Monferrato Casalese Cortese, and Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese.

Experience local food markets, annual festivals and events, and see performance and art exhibitions. Culture is very much alive in Casale Monferrato and some of the most popular events include the Wine Festival held in September, the Feast of San Giuseppe held in March, and the Antique Market held each month in the historic city center.

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