In the heart of central Italy sits the ancient yet modern Tuscan town of Arezzo. The city is located just an hour and a half southeast of the powerhouse of Florence. All too often travelers planning an Italian getaway will skip from Florence to Rome without ever thinking to stop in this charming, lesser traveled town that is one of the country’s best kept secrets. If you are planning on spending time in Tuscany, be sure to add the captivating town of Arezzo to the itinerary.

Arezzo is a town of ancient history. It was once thought to be one of the twelve main Etruscan cities of the BC time period as suggested by remnants of the city walls as well as bronze statues. After a period of Roman rule, Arezzo became what historians believe to be perhaps the third largest city in Italy during the Augustan time period. It is one of only a few episcopal seats that has a complete listing of bishops to the modern day. In the nineteenth century, Arezzo officially became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Despite sustaining heavy damage to many structures during World War II, Arezzo is still home to amazing examples of architecture and art. Piazza Grande, the main square of the town, is a gem. Some of the best-known landmarks in the area include the Episcopal Palace, the Cathedral of Saints Donato and Pietro, the Basilica of San Francesco, the Basilica of San Domenico, the Palazzo Pretorio, and the Medici Fortress. Booking a private walking tour of Arezzo is perfect for an Italian vacation and allows for travelers to learn the historical value of each landmark as well as their legacy in the modern day.

One of the more unique features of the architecture in Arezzo is the history of the city walls. Over time, these walls continuously pushed outward to incorporate a larger area. Even with this periodic growth, the town has managed to effortlessly combine its ancient tradition with modern day life.

Amidst all the many historical and religious landmarks, is an affluent city that also offers a wide variety of high-end shopping experiences at boutiques as well as the famous monthly outdoor antique market experience, which is one of the most revered of its kind in Italy. A central area that is also the heartbeat of the city is Piazza Grande. This city square is often home base for these unique shopping experiences as well as a place of relaxation that is also perfect for people watching.

The cuisine of this landlocked town has a simple focus on creating quality food with fresh, locally-grown and obtained ingredients. Whether enjoying one of Arezzo’s specialty cabbage or tomato soups, Tuscan bread, homemade pasta, or traditional cakes, the city offers a wide variety of mouthwatering meal options. Be sure to pace yourself so as not to miss out on any of this authentic Italian dining experience.

During your visit, do not pass up the opportunity to indulge in locally-produced Tuscan wine. Regardless of if you prefer red or white wine, there is likely something here that will enhance your mealtime experience. If time allows, a visit to local vineyards and wineries can be a fantastic way to spend a day in the countryside of Tuscany.

For those already on the mainland wishing to visit Arezzo, driving by car is the most efficient way to travel and often involves taking the SS73 or Autostrada di Sole. This ride can be quite scenic so it is best to build in a little extra time for sightseeing along the way. For those flying into Italy and heading straight to Arezzo, the most convenient international airports are in Florence and Perugia.

Hilltop Arezzo is traveler friendly when it comes to getting around the city. Visitors can easily opt to travel the city via car, bus, foot, or by bicycle. It is worth noting that some of the steep roads of Arezzo can be difficult to navigate for those choosing to bicycle. The crowds in Arezzo are typically minimal compared to those of Rome or Florence, making the city easier to navigate.


This ancient hilltop city is located in the Italian province of its namesake and the region of Tuscany. The city’s beginnings can be traced all the way back to the Etruscan period and still today it sits just above the Arno River floodplain. Nearby destinations include Florence, which is roughly an hour and a half away.

Although it is small enough to be seen in one day, travelers that are here for such a short time may miss out on the finer nuances of local history and famous landmarks. A stay of a couple of days or more will allow visitors to more adequately capture the spirit of this beautiful city.


The summer months generally bring some of the warmest temperatures of the year with highs typically around eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest months of the year tend to be the winter months with highs hovering in the fifties on average. The fall and spring months bring respective gradual cool downs and warm ups. For most of the months of the year, average lows tend to have approximately a twenty-point difference from the highs. Winter months can be the exception to that rule.


If you are looking to participate in an event that is authentically Arezzo, consider booking your Italian vacation during the Saracen Joust which typically takes place during the months of June and September. This event is held in the main square and literally brings the area to life with bright colors, medieval period costumes, and a spirit of competition and celebration.

The event is such a time-honored tradition and integral part of the annual Arezzo calendar, that the locals take it quite seriously. The jousting competition features teams from each of the four quarters of the city. There are many celebratory activities associated with this highly competitive jousting tournament.

While this jousting event is a traditional event that locals largely participate in because of its history and a winner’s bragging rights, travelers are more than welcome to witness this one-of-a-kind event in person.

Come discover the magic of the city of Arezzo for yourself. Talk to your travel specialist about adding a few days in this traditional and yet modern city to your itinerary and learn why Arezzo is quickly gaining popularity amongst both domestic and foreign travelers.

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