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Wine Tour In Tuscany - Small Group Tour


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10 Day Tour of Tuscany Italy and its Wines and Food!

Lets go! Located in central Italy, Tuscany is a region that boasts everything an eager traveler could ask for. With its legendary art, timeless architecture, delectable wines, delicious cuisine, and stunning landscape views, it is no wonder Tuscany is consistently rated as one of the top 25 best destinations to visit in Europe. This region is home to some of the world’s finest wineries, most talked about pieces of art and architecture, and features the most idyllic Italian scenery there is. With so much to see and do, Trips 2 Italy has created a premiere 10-day adventure through the Italian countryside. With a knowledgeable tour guide leading your group and an itinerary packed with all the quintessential Tuscan experiences you desire, this Italian getaway promises to capture the absolute best that Tuscany wine country has to offer.

Tuscan Wine
If Tuscany could be known for just one thing, it would be its splendid wine, which is expertly crafted by skilled artisans who call the rolling hills of the Italian countryside home. As the birthplace of some of the world’s finest wines, such as Chianti classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Morellino di Scansano and wines made from the exalted Sangiovese grape, Tuscany’s wine scene is as full-bodied and rich as the decadent, fine wines it produces. With so many regions of Tuscany boasting exquisite wineries, a trip to this part of Italy guarantees an itinerary bursting with wine-centric activities and tours. Our Tuscany Wine Tour package includes five fantastic wine tastings, to allow each member of your group a chance to savor some of the region’s most renowned vino. From learning about red wine production in Scansano to touring the cellars of an organic winery outside of San Gimignano, your group will be fully immersed in the magic of Tuscany’s wine culture.
The pinnacle of your trip will surely be gazing upon the Val di Chiana and Val D’Ocia valleys that are tucked within the rolling hills of Tuscany and feature vineyards as far as the eye can see. When we think Tuscany, we picture quaint farmhouses, stunning countryside views, and acres of grapes just waiting to become superb Italian wine. This is exactly what you and your group will experience in these breathtaking valleys.
Cuisine Of Tuscany
A trip to Italy is not complete without experiencing the true food of Italia, and the Tuscan region offers some of the world’s most well-renowned dishes. Famous across the globe for its expertly yet simplistically prepared food, Tuscan cuisine is created with seasonal ingredients, locally farmed meat, and fresh grown produce. The gentle countryside of Tuscany serves as the perfect land on which to raise cattle and grow seasonal produce, so the local cooking style pays homage to the ingredients by requiring no complicated seasoning or overworked recipes. Instead, the local food highlights the true beauty and flavor of each ingredient that is used to create the dish, resulting in a hearty, simple, and rustic plate.
This package includes an amazing and relaxing welcome dinner for your group in lovely Saturnia, as well as a special farewell dinner at one of Florence’s charming restaurants. As for the days in between, you and your group will experience a full range of Tuscan cuisine in many of the region’s rustic trattorias, local restaurants, and even a special lunch in one of Chianti’s local butcher shops. For a truly unique experience, your group will attend a fully interactive cooking class in Siena, where trained local chefs will share the secrets of Tuscany’s specialties. In addition, your package includes daily breakfast to fuel you and your group for the exciting tours and activities to come.

Italian Art & Architecture
Those who value fine art will be in awe at Tuscany’s legendary art museums. Exhibitions in Tuscany boast art from many styles and periods, making it a go-to destination for those seeking art history and culture. Home to some of the world’s most recognizable and inspired Renaissance art, from Michelangelo’s famed statue “David” to Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, the Tuscan region houses elite museums that are recognized by art aficionados worldwide. During your scheduled free time while in Florence, perhaps you and your group would enjoy a trip to the Galleria dell’Accademia (“Gallery of the Academy of Florence) or the famed Uffizi Gallery, which displays works of art from such masters as Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and many more.

Architecture in Tuscany is an art form all its own. Every section of Tuscany offers something completely unique and mesmerizing. From Etruscan ruins and Medieval monuments in Pitigliano to stunning Basilicas and Duomos in Siena, your group will lay eyes onarchitecturalfeats unlike anything you’ve ever seen. During free time in Florence, your group may even choose to take an excursion to visit the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa.
As a region with a rich historical background, your trip would not be complete without some activities that highlight Tuscany’s roots. To understand the history of Tuscany is to truly deepen your appreciation for this vast, traditional part of Italy. Each personally guided tour included in your package will provide interesting and insightful commentary on Tuscany’s past. While in Florence consider visiting one of Tuscany’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Historic Synagogues and Cathedrals are reflective of the region’s deep religious traditions, and your group will enjoy touring the Siena Cathedral. As one of Tuscany’s most amazing sites, the Siena Cathedral features an unbelievable marble floor that was painstakingly constructed by laying down countless bits of marble one by one.
As oneofthe most fascinating locations in the world, Tuscany is considered by some to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. So much so that Florence itself is called, “The Cradle of the Renaissance.” Through your guided tours and personal time to explore the cities, your group will experience firsthand how Tuscany’s history has formed and crafted every aspect of life in this region.

Local Life
From wine tours and museums to walking tours and cooking classes, your Tuscany Wine Tour package was crafted specifically to surround you and your group with all the uniquely Tuscan experiences one could want. However, to experience the local culture, you and your group should take advantage of scheduled free time during which you can freely roam and explore. After all, what would visiting such a legendary locale be like without immersing yourself into the local culture?
Walk the medieval alleyways of Siena or visit the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo in Florence. Dine in local cafes and shop for locally crafted goods. Take advantage of this wonderful and unique opportunity to see exactly what everyday life in Tuscany is like for the locals.

Bursting with exciting tours, unique experiences, breathtaking views, and of course exquisite wine, our Tuscany Wine Tour package is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the food, wine, art, culture, and history of Italy’s crown jewel.


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