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Scrovegni Chapel Padua Italy

Padova Culture

Padua (Padova) is one of the most important art cities in Italy. Not to be missed are the medieval city walls, the great civil and religious buildings, and the foundation of the University in 1222, that left an indelible mark on the town and attracts masters and students from all of Europe.


Giotto dominates the art panorama, with his marvelous frescoes at the Cappella degli Scrovegni. This great Florentine master is followed by Altichiero, Guariento, and Giusto de' Menabuoi who leave wonderful cycles of frescoes.  Padua represents the European city par excellence, where old-fashioned values are integrated with new technology. The industrial area is a reflection of this. It is flourishing and has a wealth of enterprises, while at the same time, the historical center and the city's artistic and architectural treasures speak of traditions and history that are still very much alive today.


Padua is probably better known as the City of Saint Anthony, or as the economic capital of Veneto.

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