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Sweet bread baked for San Costanzo feast in Perugia Italy
A deli shop in Perugia Italy with typical food

Perugia Food & Wine

food (cibo)


After you have sampled the city's world-famous Perugian chocolates, try some of Perugia's other offerings.

Truffles and excellent olive oil are usually found in Perugian dishes (and throughout Umbria). The olive cultivation in Umbria goes back to the 1st century B.C. The remains of oil mills and animal hide containers have been found in many of the communities of the region.

Enjoy gnocchi lanterna (ricotta and spinach dumplings with mushrooms, truffles, and cheese), mazzafegati (piquant liver sausages with orange rinds, pine nuts, and raisins), tagliatelle with ragout, or ciriole and stringozzi (a rustic version of spaghetti).

Pork is also used extensively in sausage and salame, as well as porchetta (suckling pig). Perugians also enjoy fish and eels from Lake Trasimeno and the upper reaches of the Tiber.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with torciglione (eel-shaped sweet almond bread) and baci (chocolate-hazelnut kisses).

The sweets of Umbria are often tied to religious holidays. Perugia has the frittelle di San Giuseppe and for San Costanzo, patron of the city, they prepare the  torcolo, a doughnut with candied fruits, raisins, pine nuts, and anise seed.


wine (vino)


All of the wine areas of the Perugia hills are in or near the Tiber (Tevere in Italian) River Valley, the Topino River Valley, and the Lake Trasimeno district. Colli Perugini is the DOC wine from the hills south of Perugia and West of the Tevere River. Three wines are produced here: a dry Rosso, a deep-colored, dry Rosato, and a dry Bianco.

Compliment your meals with one of the region's native wine: sagrantino secco, a full-bodied, dry red, or grechetto, a light, dry white.

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