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The Ceri celebration in May in Gubbio Italy
Hand made pottery in Gubbio Italy
The world's biggest Christmas tree in Gubbio Italy
Cast iron tradition in Gubbio Italy
An old codex from Gubbio Italy
Ducal Palace cloister in Gubbio Italy
Roman theater in Gubbio Italy
Porta Romana in Gubbio Italy

Gubbio Things to Do

monuments and museums


the duomo

The 13th-century Duomo is distinguished by a vaulted ceiling whose curved arches symbolize hands in prayer.


the medieval via dei consoli

This leads to the 13th-century Palazzo el Bargello, a stone-faced building formerly the headquarters of the chief of police. Also here is the Fontana dei Matti (Fountain of the Mad) named after the tradition that anyone who walks around it three times will go insane.


the porte della morte (doors of death)

Macabre legends surround the walled-up Porte della Morte that can be seen in Via dei Consoli and elsewhere in town. Reputedly used for the passage of coffins from houses, the doors, once tainted, were sealed and never used again. It is now thought their purpose was probably defensive.


the palazzo dei Cocsoli

Dominating the skyline of Gubbio is Palazzo dei Consoli, one of the most remarkable public buildings in Italy, begun in 1332 by Gubbio's master architect Gattapone. Inside, the Salone dell'Arengo houses the Museo Civico, best known for the Eugubine Tablets (250-150 BC). Discovered in 1444, the seven bronze slabs are inscribed with Etruscan and Roman characters, probably a phonetic translation of prayers and rituals from the ancient Umbrian and Etruscan languages. They include details on sacrifices (including human enemies) and how to read the future in a liver or in the flight of birds. The tablets serve somewhat as a Rosetta Stone for the Umbrian and Etruscan languages.


the palazzo ducale

Attributed to architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, this palace was built in 1470 for the Montefeltro family as a copy of their home in Urbino.

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