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Spedaletto Val D'Orcia Castle near Montepulciano Italy
San Biagio church in Montepulciano outskirts Italy
A nice balcony in Montepulciano Italy

Montepulciano Culture

Tradition is a part of daily living in Montepulciano, attracting many tourists to its celebrations of the past.  Events turn the Piazza Grande, the distinguished center of Montepulciano and home to its 15th century Town Hall, into a stage for concerts and a showcase for the International Arts Workshop known as the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte

Perhaps the most significant celebration is one that honors the town's revered wines, the Bravio delle Botti, a competitive race between the town's eight districts who role empty wine barrels through the narrow historic streets to Piazza Grande.  In historical tradition, the event opens with a grand parade of more than 200 people dressed in 14th century costume.


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