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Arezzo Carneval Parade
Giostra Del Saracino Medieval Soldiers
Interior of Arezzo Cathedral Italy
Giostra Del Saracino Medieval Festival
A romanesque church near Arezzo Italy
Maggiolata festival in Lucignano Arezzo Italy

Arezzo Things to Do

Monuments and Museums


Basilica di San Francesco

One of Italy's greatest fresco cycles, Piero della Francesca's masterpiece "Leggenda della Vera Croce" (Legend of the True Cross), is housed in this extraordinary 11th-century basilica. The scenes on the walls of the choir, visible again after a long restoration, describe the history of the cross used to crucify Christ from sprig to Tree of Knowledge, to its use as a bridge during the reign of Solomon, and ultimately to its discovery by Helena, mother of Constantine, the first Christian emperor.

Piazza Grande

This piazza contains the magnificent Romanesque church that dates from the 12th century, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pieve, where under the arch of the front portal the restored early medieval Reliefs of the Twelve Months can be viewed.  Elegant columns and rounded arches frame Benedetto da Maiano's 15th-century portico.

The Duomo

This massive 13th-century cathedral, built in Tuscan Gothic, houses Arezzo native Piero de Francesca's Maddalena and Bishop Guido Tarlati's tomb.  The six, 20-feet circular stained glass windows were designed by Guglielmo de Marcillat.

Chiesa di San Domenico

A stunning Cimabue crucifix, Spinello Aretino's Annunciation and a Marcillat rose window depicting St. Augustine can be seen in this church.

Museo d'Arte Medioevale e Moderna

Medieval and Renaissance collections are housed in this medieval palace, remodeled in the Renaissance, and later used as a customs house.

Museo Diocesano

Works from the Duomo and other churches of the province are housed here along with three notable Romanesque wood Crucifixes.

Vasari House

Works by multi-talented artists and other paintings by the master's school are housed here.




Fiera Antiquaria (Antique fair)

The city known for its antique industry attracts hundreds of vendors from all over the country to the twice-monthly antique fair held in the Piazza Grande.

Giostra del Saracino

Recalling the days of the Crusades, this medieval jousting match meant to rekindle multi-cultural tolerance, features "knights" representing the four quarters of the town, who charge a wooden effigy of a Turk with lances drawn on the 3rd Sunday of June and the 1st Sunday of September.

International Polyphonic Contest Guido d'Arezzo, August

Known worldwide, this holy music contest is a long tradition of Arezzo.


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