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The famous speck from Trento Italy
The typical carrot cake from Trento Italy
The delicious polenta from Trento Italy

Trento Food & Wine

Food (Cibo)

Trento's cuisine is very uniform and simple. The main staple is polenta along with potatoes and pasta. Trento serves polenta in firm, spoon-shaped dumplings, rather than a porridge-like consistency and seasoned with butter, grated cheese and sage. The most popular soups are minestrone, barley soup, and potato and garlic soup.

Pork, lamb, and tripe are the most popular meats. The meats are used to make hearty soups with homegrown vegetables and flavored with olive oil and onion and served with dark breads. The food is less Austrian and has a strong Venetian influence.


One of the most typical breads in the Trento area is Sdrami, seasoned and long, slim in shape. Another popular type is Brazzadellini, made with wheat flour, sugar, eggs and anise seeds mixed together for about an hour. The name is derived from the shape, a bracciatello (like a bracelet), and is round with a hole in the middle.



Wine (Vino)


Trento is the place where Italian and middle European cultures meet. Founded by the Romans, Trento experimented with new winegrowing techniques imported from other areas. Second fermentation is one of these is, whereby the winegrowers of Trento have excelled in producing their sparkling wines.


The quality levels attained by these wines, made solely with Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes have led to their affirmation in foreign markets and the establishment of the Trento D.O.C. appellation.

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