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Bolzano Food & Wine

Food (Cibo)


In Alto Adige, the German-speaking province of Bolanzo, wurst, cabbage, potatoes, rye bread, and dumpling soups prevail. Enjoy Rindgulasch, a tasty beef stew or kn?del (dumplings) in dozens of rib-sticking varieties.

Don't miss the flaky strudel which comes in three varieties: apfel (apple), topfen (soft cheese), and mohn (poppyseed).



Wine (Vino)


Bolzano is a wine-lover's paradise, with miles and miles of vineyards, alternating with vast flowering orchards. Although wine is abundant and the region is lovely any time from April to November, the best time to drive the Vineyard road is late September or October.

Local residents claim Traminer Aromatico can actually raise the temperature of a person's blood. It is also known as an aphrodisiac. Its former fame is largely responsible for the prosperous local wineries and the many affluent local homes.


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