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Bolzano Culture

Bolzano today it is looking to become a real European capital, a city of trade and a link between northern and Mediterranean culture. Proud of its origins and its own traditions, the border town looks to the future in the knowledge that it has to offer.


To some it might appear too quiet or sleepy and other others, very busy. However, the shop keepers of I Portici are inundated with customers and the young people keep the bars and pub filled with voices and sounds on weekends. It has to offer bike rides with awesome backdrops and the university where students are taught in three languages.


The cultural role of this capital town is seen in the variety of its buildings and events, with its International flavor. Its world of music offers the Conservatorio Monteverdi, where Arturo Beneditti Michelangeli taught. There are daily symphonies at the Auditorium Hayden and rock and pop on stage at the Paloonda and the Pararesia.



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