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Thank you Tomasso, Emily and Ana for arranging the wonderful trip to Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.
We enjoyed the vacation especially because of the planning that you guys had done. Everything went like clockwork. The visits to the cheese and pizza making places were entertaining and fun. The street food walk was fun as well and we soaked in the traditions, culture and history of Naples . We only wished that our transit time between our flight from Frankfurt to Naples was a little longer because 2 hours was not enough. Our flight got delayed 30 min in Houston and so had to wait 7 hours in Frankfurt Airport to catch the next flight. It was very stressful and tiring.
Apart from that it was overall a beautiful, enjoyable and fun filled vacation.
Wazir & Latifa K.
Hi Emily!

We had a trip of a lifetime! We walked so much exploring the cities that my feet hurt towards the end of the trip, but it was so worth it.

Everything was well organized from the transportation to the tours. Everyone was punctual for car/boat pick ups and we loved our tour guides. Jeff and I didn't ride the vespas (sat behind someone), because they were so difficult for me to ride. Actually, while we were learning how to ride them, one person crashed through a fence! But thankfully no scratches or bruises on him!

Aside from the excursions/tours planned, we went to the Bargello Museum and Villa Borghese in Florence, did a tour of the Colosseum, went to the Trevi Fountain, and ate a ton of gelato.
We absolutely loved Sorrento. The Pompeii tour and Capri excursion were top favorites. Also, thank you again for the upgrade on the hotel, it was amazing. The weather was perfect all around.

Our plane seats were not seated together going to Italy and from Paris to JFK, but I was able to switch with someone on the first plane.

We'll never forget this trip and we can't thank you enough for your help. Grazie mille!

We loved the entire trip, such an amazing country with so much to see and really felt like three trips all rolled into one. Sorrento was perfect to get started with some fun times on the beach, loved the Amalfi coast and Capri boat ride. Rome was a lot all packed into one, but did a bunch in our few days there, also glad we hit Pompeii on the way. I could have spent full day there but not sure the younger crew could have hung:)

Loved the stop at Orvietto and glad you convinced us to pull that off to break up trip and see if the amazing well there and also hit one of our favorite restaurants we found. To finish the trip off in Siena was perfect, loved the wine tours and also snuck in a day trip to Florence which was great. Thanks so much for arranging this and packing in activities we wouldn’t have known about otherwise, super thankful for your help.

Only hiccup on the trip was the Capri tour, but got that all figured out so all good. Five out of five stars!
Bradley J. Family (Cruise Planners Agency Clientele)
Dear Emily,
I hope this email finds you well upon your return on the 12th. Upon my return from our trip to Italy, I got very busy at work. I now have time to focus on composing a letter that, I hope, relays how perfect our trip was.

In the age of computers, online services, instagramming and texting, one can lose hope that all forms of personable service and hospitality have become a thing of the past. Trips2Italy is proof that one on one customer service is still the key to creating special, memorable moments.

I still recall, as if it were yesterday, when I first called you inquiring about a trip to Italy. I told you I was traveling with my 3 nieces and 1 nephew and what cities I wanted to visit. I told you I needed someone to book all my travel including planes, trains and automobiles and I preferred private short tours to get familiar with the cities and then explore on our own. Without hesitation, you took me under your wings and arranged, what has become, my favorite vacation ever!

Even when we were faced with one of my nieces possibly not coming and having to change around reservation options you all were constantly there for me, my questions and my concerns.

Off we went! Venice first for 2 nights. The water taxi, as arranged, was there to take us to the city when we landed. We were greeted at Hotel Da Bruno, by very pleasant, helpful staff. We were checked in immediately and given maps of the city. The following day, we met with our tour guide. Again, at the exact location and time you arranged for us. She was lovely. Our walking tour was great. Your advice to schedule a gondola ride when we got there was the way to go. The hotel called a reputable gondolier and they walked us over to meet him. It’s beautiful to see the city from the water.

The speedy train you booked for us to get to Florence the following morning left right on time. Your detailed information was right on point!

Hotel Rapallo would be our home for the next 5 nights. You arranged our day trips to Cinque Terre one day, Lucca another day, and a day trip with a private driver (who the kids loved) to take us through Tuscany where we stopped in San Gimignano (we loved this little quaint town) and Sienna and a walking tour of Florence along with tickets to the Accademia Gallery. All of it.....WOW.

The staff at hotel Rapallo were exceptional! I have been in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. Bar none, the service we received in both hotels was the best I have experienced to date. That is saying a lot. I am 51 and have been to 33 states and 20 countries. I travel quite a bit and simply loved Hotel Rapallo!

Emily, all the private tour guides were on time. They were passionate about their cities and so knowledgeable. But most importantly, they were story tellers who engaged my family, ages 13-22, in a manner that left them excited and involved.

There was not a beat skipped. Your booklet of information was exceptional. When I indicated to you I would not be able to have the 2 hour consultation you have with your clients after we receive the packet, you were willing to explain everything to my 22 year old niece.

This trip was intended to just be for me. However, I decided to invite my family along and to see their joy and happiness at every turn throughout the trip was a blessing I will never forget.

I can go on for days and maybe even write a book of it, but the bottom line is this: It was PERFECT! I hope you continue to partner with the same people in Italy for years to come.

I don’t want to end without saying how you, Anna and Tommaso were on hand even when we were in Italy. When I wanted to insure that my return flight tickets were upgraded on the return flight, Tommaso was right there for me even with the time difference and your responses were so quick.

There are no words to describe the beauty of Italy and all the enchanting cities we visited. Cinque Terre on the coast was exactly like the pictures. The ferry and train took us to different villages that our guide seamlessly navigated us through.


Please, Emily use any of this on your website or all of it. You are a gem. By chance, are there other countries you book travel to? Might want to take the kids to Ireland and Scotland next.

Again, all our gratitude to all of you. I cannot stress enough how seamless everything went and I’m willing to talk to anyone about it that you need me to! So much we saw during the day and evenings that I haven’t even mentioned like the gardens at Pitti Palace in Florence and please add the restaurant Mamma Gina to your list in Firenze. Fantastic!

I know I’m missing so many more details but we really felt at home wherever we went and with all the people you arranged for us to take care of us.

You’re the best!

May our paths cross again soon.

Best regards for now.


We can't even BEGIN to tell you how much of an AMAZING time we had in Italy! We are still recovering from the trip! It was more that either of us had ever imagined, and SO MUCH FUN!!
Trying to get back into the swing of having to work again (haha). We will call or visit soon and have a nice long chat!
Tommaso - Things have been pretty hectic since we returned.
Here's my comments below;

First, the trip was fabulous.

We truly had a wonderful time and experience. The drivers and guides were top notch. Especially our first driver, Roberto in Apulia.
He was very professional and extremely nice. We hated to have to give him up. All the drivers were on time and professional. Even when driving without a guide, our drivers usually gave out information as we went along.
The included meals were fantastic .
We really enjoyed the lunches and the welcome dinner restaurant was really great.
The lunch at L'astore farm and winery was very memorable. The owners were extremely gracious and the food and wine were outstanding.
The cooking school and pizza making experience will be a lasting memory. The lady who was our host was wonderful. She was not only warm and gracious, but had a spontaneous flair that was endearing. She fit the part of a warm Italian mother/cook more that we could have imagined.
A great experience with tasty pizza and wine as well. Not to mention her homemade Limoncella.

Loved everything we saw. All the guides were knowledgeable and spoke excellent English.

We enjoyed all the hotels. They were all very pleasant with good breakfast and nice rooms. They were also in great locations in relation to the city center and tourist sites. The hotel in Sorrento was especially memorable. First, it was in a great location. Just a few steps from the main activity street of restaurnats/shops. Our room with a balcony overlooking the bay was really great. We spent some every evening on the balcony having a glass (or more) of wine listening to the surf and watching the lights across the bay. Even the bar, with its ocean terrace was special. We aslo enoyed the front garden with pleasant seating areas. Can’t imagine staying anywhere else.

Now for the only negatives:
First, the Pompeii visit was way too short. This is such a significant historical site that I think at least four or more hours are needed for the visit. Actually I could have spent an entire day there. Two hours were just not enough time to see much and I think we missed some important parts of the site.
Also, for us, the cave tour was not very interesting. It might be that we have seen other caves here in the U.S. It was a long a difficult walk and did not seem as impressive as we thought it would be I understand it is an important site in that part of Italy and other people might really enjoy it, IN hindsight, I would probably have preferred to visit another village in the area instead.

Despite these two items, let me say again that it was another job well done by you and your staff. As I stated above, the trip was fabulous.
I tell anyone that is thinking to going to Italy that they need to get with you. Everything was so well done that all we had to do was enjoy ourselves. Which we did!!

Hi Emily!
Italy was fantastic. Aside from the delays, the flights were good. The hotel was great: great location, good breakfast, and good staff. The hotel was in walking distance or a short Uber ride to where we needed to go, including food, shopping, tour meeting points, and the Roma train station. The staff was helpful and the breakfast was good. Excellent job on the flights and hotel.
The Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican and Florence tours exceeded our expectations. The tour guides we very informative and polite. The weather was perfect. Uber is available in Rome but not Florence or Naples.
We also went to Capri on Friday. Wow!
Thanks again. You did a great job.

Marie J.
Dear Emily,
We had the trip of a lifetime! I fell in love with Italy all over again and my 22 year old daughter now shares my appreciation. I am thanksfui for all the planning that you did to make it a wonderful trip. I particularly appreciated the private car transportation from airport in Venice and to the airport in Rome. Also, the porters were invaluable. The hotel was easily within walking distance but having him meet us knowing exactly where to go with the bags was great.When we were leaving Venice we encountered a group of ladies struggling with pulling their bags up the steps that go over the canals and one of them looked at our porter easily maneuvering his cart up the steps and said to me..”what were we thinking?”. The train directions helped so much as well. Travel by train went off without a hitch (except in Rome – we didn’t realize there were two stops in Rome and out of our car at the first stop. A kind conductor yelled for us to get back on and let us in his coach door. Cant say enough about the service at the hotels.

Daniel in Rome was particularly helpful as were your restaurant suggestions in all three cities. We loved the gelato/pizza class as you predicted. And, we were definitely happy we took the third day in Florence to visit Tuscany. Again, thank you so much for everything!

We are looking forward to a trip to the Amalfi Coast in the future.

Donna & Hope N.
Dear Emily
We arrived back home yesterday after spending an additional ten days in Israel. The whole trip was marvelous. Here is my feedback on the Rome portion:

First, I feel that Trips2Italy was very accommodating. When a delay of our flight in Omaha caused us to miss our connecting flight to Rome, I notified Trips2Italy and they adjusted the time of the airport transfer with no problems.

Second, the people at the Columbia Hotel were very nice and helpful. We enjoyed the breakfasts very much. The room was adequate. We availed ourselves of the rooftop lounge a few nights.

Third, the various tours:

--The tour guide for Ancient Rome was very knowledgeable and we learned a great deal. I think she was thorough and friendly.
--The tour guide for the Jewish Ghetto and Trastavere was outstanding. We were the only two on the tour and she was quite knowledgeable and intelligent. We had a wonderful time. After the tour was over, we had lunch in the Ghetto and then did a tour of the Great Synagogue.
--Overall, we really enjoyed Rome. The city is very pretty. We spent our free time exploring the city, shopping, and eating (lots of eating!). We also did a tour of the Christian Catacombs and went to the Trevi Fountain at night. We took in some opera, too. We found the city very easy to navigate and we think our hotel location was excellent.

Thanks so much for everything. In a few years we hope to do the rest of Italy, so we'll be in touch.


I can't tell you how wonderful and stress-free it was this year having you all, Trips2Italy plan our Rome and Amalphi Coast Trip. After spending hours and hours of time planning our own trip to England and France two years ago, this was a much better experience. I can't even say I saved money planning my own trip because I didn't know enough information about what to do when. Your quote I thought was very reasonable and the tours were of the finest quality. The hotels had such interesting history and they couldn't have been in a better location. We loved both Hotels!

The private transfers from all of the drop-off points were very reassuring and the guys couldn't have been nicer. They all were dressed professional and made us feel special.

The tour guide at the Colosseum and Roman Forum was great, including the guide, Davide at the Vatican. The most interesting tour was Pompeii, but mainly because I was not as familiar with the history. The most beautiful tour was the boat ride over to Capri. There wasn't any snorkeling offered but we did go swimming directly by the cliffs of Capri. The tour of the Amalphi Coast was good but the traffic was the worst. It might have been the rain that was the most contributing factor to the long lines of traffic. It made the tour much longer than expected. The only suggestion I'd like to make is the tour times for the Colosseum and the Vatican tour were much longer than three hours. The Vatican was over 4 hours. The main reason I mention this is that we had Italian friends meeting us on both days and they had to wait a long time for us to finish our morning tours. We didn't want to have to leave the tour early, but we felt badly that we had told them that we would join them after the three hour tours.The best tour of all was visiting the lemon, olive oil, and cheese farm and making the pizza. It was the best pizza I had ever tasted! My husband gained seven pounds from eating the most delicious food in Italy. This tour ran over 4 hrs. I enjoyed all the tours, I just think the times may need to be changed in the tour booklet.Overall I'd say after visiting over ten countries , this tour was the best, yet.

Emily, you gave such detailed information over the phone each time we talked that it made me feel very comfortable about the preparations for our trip. Thanks again for the most wonderful experience ever!!
Sandra Ward
Please see the attached Word document for our feedback. Overall, it was a fabulous trip!

You and your team did a phenomenal job on the planning and execution. Like others, we feel the need to go back and see more of Italy at some point.

Rosie and Joel

• Overall rating – Excellent. Exceeded our hopes, dreams and wishes. The trip was outstanding and met our objectives to learn and experience a variety of Italian cities and cultures. We had a good mix of large, medium and small cities/towns.

• We especially appreciate how you fixed the flight change. You made this seamless and provided a good fix. We enjoyed Alitalia more than Air France.
• While Rome, Florence and Venice were interesting, we really enjoyed the smaller towns and cities.
• Orvieto was fabulous, we could have spent more time there.
• Tuscany – Siena and San Gimingano were awesomeo Verona and Lake Garda were enjoyed, could have spent more time there.
• Bologna was interesting and worth the time spent there
• The location of the hotels was excellent, although some rooms were small or not as upgraded. We understand this is a function of their rating/price, and that larger cities like Rome and Florence will be different. We really enjoyed the hotels in Verona (Grand Hotel) and Venice (Giovanelli)
• The tours guides were all very good. Some were exceptional – Giulia, Roberta, Emma and Isabella.
• We enjoyed all of the excursions. Toward the end of the trip, we got a bit “over-dosed” on duomos and museums. The following excursions were exceptional:o Trastevere food and wine tour in Rome
• The winery tour and lunch in Tuscany were phenomenal, and a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day
• We really enjoyed the cooking classes
• The parmigiana and balsamic vinegar tours were excellent. We found the prosciutto factory to be interesting, but maybe a bit much for the ladies
• The food and wine bike tour in Verona was one of our favorite excursions – a great experience.
• The winery tour and tasting in Verona was just OK. Sylvia did a great job, but Amarone would have been better.
• The drivers were also outstanding. They were always on time, and got us to our destinations as planned. In particular, Fredrico and Luchiana were exceptional as their English was very good and they were very informative.
Sarah & Zach L. - Spring Honeymoon Italy Grand Tour
Emily / Team,
Sarah and I are incredibly thankful to you all for helping to coordinate the honeymoon of a lifetime! Though there was a bit of a hiccup with our initial flight check-in (which was taken care of above and beyond!), the trip was quite honestly perfect.

Each one of our tours, guides, and experiences throughout the trip were incredibly memorable. From our adventures in Rome, the Papal Audience, to the Ancient Rome tour, and then in Florence the pizza and gelato class, walking tour, and all day trip to the Tuscany/Sienna region, and in Venice our tour of St. Marks Basilica, each day was something fun and different. We also appreciated the good mix of leisure time interwoven throughout the trip, and never felt like we were “overbooked” with activities. The freedom to explore or even revisit sites we saw in earlier tours was fun as well. And the thrill of finding a good restaurant to eat at- just a great time!

All of our provided transportation during the trip was appreciated as well- from our private car from the Rome airport to our hotel, the high speed trains which were fun to relax on (and especially enjoyed the first class seat upgrade) and our very early morning water taxi from our Venice hotel to the airport- bookended the trip with a no-worries trip (though the water taxi went quite fast across the water for 4:00am!)

Again, we cannot thank you enough. We do apologize for not writing sooner- life just picked up when returned and we haven’t had a moment until now to reply. But we greatly appreciate and your time and effort in helping to plan our perfect honeymoon! We’ll never forget our first trip abroad, and you helped make it possible!

Zach and Sarah
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