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Sulmona Things to Do

Monuments and Attractions


Cattedrale di San Panfilo


The Saint Panfilo Cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of Sulmona. The cathedral is a building that saw many interventions from the moment in which was built over a Roman temple. In 1706, due to an earthquake, the cathedral was almost completely rebuilt in a Baroque style. Another aspect worthy of mention is that within the Cathedral, there is an archive full of ancient documents such as scrolls and codes dated back to 11th century.


Complesso Dell’Annunziata


The complex of Annunziata is one of the most important attractions of all the Abruzzo Region. It is composed by a church, a Palace and a series of museums. Located in the town’s center, its main entrance is facing the Annunziata square. This complex represents the Roman origins of Sulmona.


Badia Morronese


Locatee 5 km from Sulmona there is the Badia Morrona, also called the abbey of Santo Spirito di Morrone. This grand building is composed of square based towers, a monumental church and a monastery. This majestic abbey was founded by Pietro Angeleri who later became Pope Celestino V.


Eremo di Sant’Onofrio al Morrone


This hermitage is located on mountain Saint Onofrio. It was the place where Pietro Angeleri, the future Pope Celestino V, lived as a hermit monk. As soon as you reach the hermitage, after a steep path, you could visit the grotto, where Pietro Angeleri started his ascetic path, and a small church. From the Hermitage you could enjoy a breathtaking view of the Peligna Valley.


Pelino Confetti Museum - Almond Confections Museum


Sulmona is well renowned throughout Italy for confetti (an almond confection usually covered with chocolate or glazed sugar typically used as guest favors for weddings or others special occasions). For this reason, Pelino, one of the most important producers of Confetti in Sulmona, houses within its factory a Museum that preserves all the tools and curiosities of the confectionery traditions of Sulmona.




Antica Giostra Cavalleresca


A Palio style medieval festival and horse race taking place the last week end of July of every year and having its origins back to the Swabian domination. Nowadays the joust has been adapted to the most modern tastes and involves not only knights’ fights but also several other Medieval related shows which involve the whole population of the city. Impressive is the presentation of the riders and the banners parade involving more than 400 participants among flag bearers, drummers, and musicians with trumpets, ladies and squires in medieval style parading along the main street of the town. Every knight represents a hamlet of the town, the so called “Borghi dei Sestrieri”, which are almost the very same ones of the ancient medieval town. 


Easter events


A very folkloristic appointment and rich in historic reminiscences is the ensemble of the Easter events, which are considered to have their roots in ancient pagan rites, performed in early spring in order to hoe for good harvests and lasting peace. All these events are organized by two confraternities, the SS. Trinita’ and the S. Maria di Loreto.  The rivalry between the two confraternities has always been very passionate so that they organized separately its own representation within the limits of their territories parish. Today, however, they try to cooperate a little more but they still support one the Procession of the Dead Christ in the evening of Good Friday and the other “Madonna che scappa in piazza” (the Madonna running into the square) on the morning of Easter Sunday.


Festa dei Fuochi


During the celebration of St. Joseph (in April), in the evening, the various districts of the city lit huge bonfires in Piazza Garibaldi, creating a fascinating show, surrounded by singing and dancing people.


Special Thanks for the photos go to Servizi Turistici Sulmona - Soc. Coop. and the photographers from Hobby Foto Sulmona e Massimiliano Verrocchi.

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