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Sulmona Culture

Sulmona is a town of approximately 25,000 people. As you walk around, you are immersed in history as the remnants of historic buildings and palazzos are everywhere. The name "Sulmona" appears in historical documents as early as 211 BC, when Hannibal devastated the city. 


Sulmona is also the birthplace of the Latin poet Ovid in 43 B.C., who wrote the famous Metamorphosis. Some traces of these ancient times have re-emerged from the excavations in the Temple of Hercules Curino, at the foot of Mount Morrone where, according to legend, there would be the remains of the villa of Ovid himself.


Special Thanks for the photos go to Servizi Turistici Sulmona - Soc. Coop. and the photographers from Hobby Foto Sulmona e Massimiliano Verrocchi.

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