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Aeolian Islands Culture

The lynchpin of cultural life on the Aeolian Islands is the Castle of Lipari which is the acropolis found in Lipari comprising most of its ancient center. Here one can engage in numerous cultural activities by exploring the archeological ruins, visiting the Museum of Archeology, and admiring the 16th century city walls as well as the 12th-18th century architecture reflected in the many churches found in the area.

The Aeolian Islands are also rich with cultural traditions, a few of which are described below.


S. Bartolo dei Pescatori

This event occurs every 13th of February and coincides with the feast of St. Bartolo. A banner is auctioned among the families of the fishermen with the proceeds going to the local church. Then, there is a procession with traditional costumes and a fireworks show to conclude the celebration.


Carnevale Eoliano

The Aeolian Islands Carnival occurs every February or March with a procession of groups dressed in masks riding allegorical carts.


Festa di San Cristoforo

Occurring every third or fourth Sunday of July, this festival features local competitions and races, vending booths, concerts, and concludes with a fireworks show.


Cinema and Theater Festival

From the second half of July to the first half of August, Lipari’s acropolis is transformed to accommodate a Cinema and Theater Festival. Films from the past winter are projected in the acropolis and various theater troupes perform live on stage.


Living Nativity

In the advent period, various communities in the Aeolian Islands organize living nativity scenes, the largest of which occurs on the island of Lipari. Participants dress in historical costumes and re-enact typical scenes.



Caper Festival

The first Sunday of every June, Salina organizes a Caper Festival during which visitors have the opportunity to taste various typical dishes featuring the humble caper.



Festival of the Sea

This festival occurs in September and its aim is to unite both visitors and residents of the island of Filicudi. During the festival, groups of boats travel to the Grotta del Bue Marino and place a sculpture representing the god Aeolus on the ocean floor. There is also much song and dance as well as a fireworks show.


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