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Riviera del Brenta Things to Do

While visiting the truly amazing villas along the Riviera del Brenta is worth the trip all by itself, there are many special events throughout the year which will add to your experience. Some notable ones are:


“Carnevale degli Storti” – Last Sunday of Carnival and first Sunday of Lent.


This is the event that officially opens the Spring tourist season in the Riviera del Brenta. It started in 1979, as an event that takes place after the official Carnival of Venice celebration ends. However it, too, includes floats, masks, dancing and local sweets are served.


“Antique and Flea Markets – Every Fourth Sunday at Isola Bassa, in he old part of Dolo.


If you are in the area on the fourth Sunday of every month, find your way to the Low Island, in the Squero, which is the oldest part of the town of Dolo. There you will find treasures galore at the Antique Market. For centuries, townspeople gathered to sell goods, share stories and enjoy local foods. Canaletto, the son of the painter Bernard Canal (hence his name translates to “Little Canal”) was famous for his grand paintings daily life in Venice, including the Antiques Market.


“Riviera Fiorita”  - Second Sunday in September


The translation…Flowering River…is an apt description of what the Brenta River looks like every second Sunday in September. If you are lucky enough to be on the shoreline, or better yet on a river cruise traveling in the water, you will be astounded at the pomp, circumstance, colors and music of this yearly event, which began in 1977.


It celebrates the year 1574, Henry III, King of France, visited Venice, who was warmly welcomed by the nobility who lived in the villas along the River. That tradition continues with a grand reenactment, considered by many to be the most important annual event on the River. Many participants,  both on the boats and along the shoreline, wear historic and festive costumes and gondolas are decorated in bright colors.


“Venice Marathon” – Last Sunday in October


Starting in 1986, the Venice Marathon attracts over 5000 participants from all over the world. The event is sponsored by the Venice Casino, and so is called Casino di Venezia Venice Marathon.  The race begins in the morning in front of Villa Pisani in Stra. Spectators line the entire Brenta River along the canal and not only can you cheer on the runners, but you can enjoy the incredible villas with their beautiful gardens. The finish line is in St. Mark’s Square, Venice.

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