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Port of Ravenna

Cruise Shore Excursions from Port of Ravenna

Region City Trip Type Length Of Stay

Bologna and Maranello with Ferrari’s Museum Tour

This tour of Bologna and Maranello with Ferrari’s Museum tour offers history, culture and racing history – it’s an ideal excursion for auto fans, as well as those who want to experience past and current Italian culture

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Ravenna City Tour

The Ravenna city tour lasts for 4 hours, and provides visitors with the chance to enjoy some stunning locations, including several UNESCO World Heritage monuments, the Galla Placidia and much more

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Tour of San Marino State

The tour of San Marino State gives you the chance to explore the second smallest country in the world, as well as enjoying some of Italy’s richest history and culture with historic sites and more

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Bologna and Ducati Museum

The Bologna and Ducati Museum tour offers a full 8 hours of historical and automotive enjoyment for visitors to the area. The tour includes historic sites, lunch and cultural explorations galore

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Cesena and Bertinoro Tour

The Cesena and Bertinoro tour lasts for 6 hours and takes you through the Savio Valley, up to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. You’ll enjoy the town’s historic center, as well as the Malatesta fortress and much more

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Ravenna and Faenza Tour

8-hour Ravenna and Faenza tour takes you through UNESCO historic monuments, stunning ancient churches and much more. You will experience ceramic production, ancient history and blended cultures

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