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A taste of Cinque Terre Tour

“Thank you very much. We had a wonderful trip… The planned tours could not be better. Trips2Italy did a fantastic job… Bravo.” Patricia D. Houston, TX
“…I just want to thank all of you for making such wonderful arrangements. We had a great time in Italy and everything went smoothly. Can't wait to return to see another part of the country. Too bad we missed the last tour but no big deal! Again, thank you for everything!” Mr. and Mrs. Torrence - Beaumont, TX
"Good Morning Tommaso, Spoke with the T… today and they wanted me to be sure I let you know that their entire trip was just perfect...they wouldn't have changed a thing!The hotel was so perfect that they agreed that if they went back, they would stay at the same place. They also thought breakfast there was amazing. Getting around from the hotel was so easy as it was so centrally located to all that they wanted to do.Ray and Vicki were so happy to have had the private car, especially when they arrived. They were very punctual and the transfers were very smooth.And the cooking class...that was the one thing Vicki wasn't sure she wanted to do. But in the end, it was the favorite of both Ray and Vicki of all the things they did in Rome! Definitely what they keep talking about the most as they got a little tour along the way/return of parts of Italy that most tourists don't see.You did WONDERFUL Tommaso! Can't wait to use your services again! Thank you for making me look good :) "
“Thank you very much. We had a wonderful trip… The planned tours could not be better. Trips2Italy did a fantastic job… Bravo.”
“Finally heard back from James & Jamie this morning … In her words..."This was an amazing trip! Wonderful!" She also commented about the champagne in Venice to celebrate their anniversary. Thank you so much for arranging that for them, as it was truly a treat for them! Jamie is the one that had the injury. Not sure what exactly, but something to do with her foot. She said that the insurance they had took care of them wonderfully so it didn't slow them down and they didn't miss a thing. Tommaso and Giulia, THANK YOU once again for all your hard work and making me look good to my clients! You two are the best…”
"Buongiorno Tommaso, we finally got our luggage and everything is great!The guides have been superb! We toured the countryside yesterday. Ciao!"
”The trip you planned was perfect. We enjoyed staying in the countryside… We loved exploring Tuscany. We loved the cooking class. And we totally appreciated having a driver one day to take us wine tasting…We enjoyed our stay in Florence, walked too much, ate too much, but that is the charm of that beautiful city… I'd say the best part about the trip was traveling in beautiful Italy with top notch accommodations, lovely people at every turn who all speak English… and wonderful drivers and break out trips… Everyone you connected us to was delightful… So thank you for your thoughtful and responsive itinerary. We hope to get back to Italy in a year or so and will contact you again. Many many grazie's!”
“The room we got … with your help ,was all we could ask for… There is no way we were going to get the room we did if we had tried to book it ourselves. That is definitely an advantage of using a company such as yours where you have built up a relationship with a hotel… tours were very well done! They were very organized, small groups which was great, and our guides both days were very personable and both were archaeologists so they really knew their stuff … “I am so happy I was able to find you guys. Your professionalism, care, concern, and knowledge were fantastic. You always said, you want us to relax and let you do the work-well I should have listened. You did it all… We could not have asked for anything more… Thank you again for all that you and Tomosso and Ana and all did for us. You truly made our trip the most special trip we have ever taken!”
“I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time! We can't thank you enough for everything. It was so organized, it made everything less stressful than it would have been if we tried to do it on our own… Our tour guides both days were very informative and did a really nice job… Honestly, we had an exhausting, wonderful trip and would highly recommend you to anyone going to Italy. You covered everything we wanted to see. I can't imagine anything we didn't see that we could have added to our trip. The vouchers were easy, convenient, and made our trip so organized. … We had a wonderful trip visiting a beautiful country.”
“Buongiorno Guilia,We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Italia. The tour guide was great and the local tour guides were excellent. Our companions on the trip were from Australia and New Zea land and they were delightful people . The size of the group was perfect .We had a wonderful time in Venice although it was a bit rainy. The accommodations were good and the breakfasts were plentiful. There were so many sights and history that it's hard to comprehend it all. I guess we'll have to go back… We enjoyed our train trip down south to Vericarbo.We didn't have any trouble with the train system it was clearly marked where to go... My relatives were glad to see us .I don't think we have ever eaten so much wonderful food. We were having trouble figuring out what my 89year old cousin prepared in a delightful sauce. Her son finally got it across that it was wild rabbit! It was delicious. The homemade wine was molto buono. It was a trip of a life time for us and thank you Guilia for all your help. We couldn't have asked for more… Grazia a mille”Susan T. – Templeton, MA
“Tommaso,Finally, Amy and I connected… Her Family Italy Vacation was wonderful. She couldn’t say enough nice things about the trip, the plans and how great it was to have the private driver!!!!! YEAH!She wanted me to pass onto you that their guide in Rome – Simon- was outstanding. He was great with the family and the kids. He definite added value to their tours. She was so pleased to have had such an informed and interesting guide. I guess he interacted with the kids, too. Sort of quizzed them on what they has seen. Lots of fun.Their favorite hotel was in Venice. They loved Venice. It was not what they had expected and were pleasantly surprised. Mr. N. admitted that they could never have seen and did everything, had they tried this alone. ?The loved the Midevel Village Tour and were very happy that it was done this way…They had a wonderful time and she will happily refer my name onto others going to Italy!!!Very successful. Thank you for all your help… I look forward to my next client going to Italy.”
"Tommaso,We had a GREAT trip. Thanks for all your help.Cara and I will get back to you with our comments very soon.Ciao Rick. "
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