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When families travel to Italy, they are promised unforgettable memories and incredible bonding moments that will last a lifetime. Whether large or small, made of extended family or a group of close friends, every family will feel the warm embrace and love for famiglia that only Italy can provide. 

Family trips can run the gamut from intimate groups of friends of the same city to large family reunions made up of many family members traveling from across the globe. Regardless what the occasion--a celebration of a birthday, a retirement, an engagement, a graduation, a reunion or a family vacation--an Italian getaway is guaranteed to please travelers of any age with exciting locations and activities perfect for all interests.

Choosing a family vacation destination can be difficult, but with Trips 2 Italy’s customizable Family Trip packages, we make the decision easy and the planning process even easier! With the unparalleled beauty of Italy’s scenery, the rich history of Italy’s renowned culture and art, and the delectable flavors of the Italian cuisine, choosing to take your family on and adventure to some of the world’s most famed travel destinations is a decision you won’t regret. Trips 2 Italy uses our nearly 15 years of experience and broad knowledge of Italy to help our guests craft the perfect itinerary for their once-in-a-lifetime family vacation. Fully customizable, our Family Trip packages can cater to any size group for any occasion.


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First Time In Italy

For families making their first trip to Italy won’t want to miss out on classic Italy! The most famous Italian sites in the most popular destinations such as Rome, Florence, and Venice provide the perfect backdrop for any special family event. Celebrate a family reunion by experiencing the wonder of The Colosseum, the history of the ruins of Pompeii, and ancient marvel of The Roman Forum. Family members of all ages will be in awe of the historic gems still held within Italy’s modern world. No matter which of Italy’s classic travel destinations you choose, each provides everything a first timer could want. The culture of Rome, the tastes of Florence, the sounds of the water lapping in Venice’s famed canals--all act as a feast for the senses in a quintessentially Italian experience that is unmatched. 

Families with their ancestry in Italy can come together for a unique trip to trace their family’s roots back to Sicily, an island which gathers influence from Greek, Arabic, Spanish, French, and of course Italian culture. While there, experience the sheer beauty of the Madonie and the Nebrodi national parks, or visit Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. 

Trips For Families with Children  

Rome Vatican City Family Vacation Trips2Italy For families with children of all ages, Italy can provide many exciting and fun activities as well as an opportunity to be exposed to some of the world’s greatest art, food, history, and cultural traditions.  The variety of family destinations and activities held within Italy’s boot-shaped border is greater than any amusement park could hope to offer. Younger kids and adults alike will love family cooking classes, which teach them everything from gelato making to the art of hand-tossing pizza dough just like the Italians do!

The entire family will delight in the decadence of Italian chocolate and other unbelievable desserts in Perugia (Umbria) and Turin (Piedmont), as both are ideal destinations for chocolate lovers. Older children will appreciate seeing firsthand some of the Renaissance masterpieces they have studied in school, such as the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel or the statue of David.

Adults and children over 18 can experience the rush of zipping through Tuscany on a guided Vespa tour or sightseeing the wonders of Rome by bike. For an unforgettable Summer vacation, families can travel to Siena to witness firsthand the historical horserace, The Palio of Siena. This must-see event takes place only two times a year, and is considered to be the most cherished tradition of the Sienese. Trips 2 Italy allows families to sculpt their trip to meet their exact needs and interests by customizing a personalized itinerary.

For Adult Only Families  

For families or groups with all adults, Italy’s wine country offers an incredible and immersive food and wine-lover’s experience unlike any other. Imagine celebrating a retirement or milestone birthday by visiting one of Italy’s most famous wineries. The Chianti, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Veneto, and Piedmont regions of Italy all provide an opportunity for wine connoisseurs to enjoy elegant food and wine tours. Learn about the traditions of Italy’s seasoned wine makers followed by a hands-on cooking class. Dine in one of Italy’s bustling cities or relax in the picturesque countryside surrounded by local farm houses and featuring sweeping views of the Italian landscape. Italy is a bonafide food and wine lover’s paradise, boasting a near endless list of food-centric activities to add to your custom package. 

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Returning to Italy?   

Roman Acqueduct Family Vacation Trips2Italy Been to Italy before? Expand your family’s Italian horizons by creating an itinerary filled with less often traveled, but just as exquisite, destinations. Italy boasts many impressive sights outside of the usual tourist destinations. Apulia, also known as Le Puglie, is referred to as “the heel of Italy’s boot” thanks to its location on Italy’s “heel” of a peninsula. This enchanting area offers spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for ocean lovers. For an adventure in sports, leisure, architecture and entertainment, Emilia Romagna offers a splendid array of mountain and coastal experiences, including jaw dropping castles straight out of the history books. In addition, Emilia Romagna is also famous for its cuisine, which is as bold as it is refined. Italy is the kind of place you have to see more than once! 

The impressive mountainous landscape of Lake Como would inspire a family of nature-lovers. Take a family tour of the surroundings by either public or private boat. To truly experience Lake Como is to take in the views from the water itself. A family of hikers will fall in love with the Dolomite Mountains, an area perfect for exploring Italy’s charming mountain villages. During the Summer, the weather is gorgeous and the scenery is thriving, while in the Winter, the snow transforms the area into a snow-white scene fit for a postcard. Trentino Alto Adige, home to the Dolomite Mountains, boasts incredible Christmas markets, making it an ideal location for a family ski holiday during the winter break. 

No matter what interests your family has or what occasion you’re celebrating, Italy has a vast array of sites, attractions, and activities that are sure to please any size group. Children and adults alike will remember their family vacation to Italy as one of their most treasured memories. Make it your own by customizing your itinerary with any of these destination ideas and more! There are no limits to the possibilities a Trips 2 Italy vacation can provide. Our goal is to exceed far beyond the edges of your wildest expectations, and help you truly experience Italy. 

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