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Valley of the Temples Agrigento
Sicilian Pupi
Taormina Sicily Heritage Group Travel
Noto Cathedral
Trapani Salt Pools
Positano Amalfi Coast Group Trip
Vespa on a Cobblestone Street
Piazza Maggiore Bologna
Ravenna Mosaics
Italy Custom Escorted Group Tours
Camera dei Giganti Mantua
Aerial View of Como
Porto Venere
Venus by Botticelli Accademia Gallery
San Gimignano
Trips2Italy Guided Group Tour Ancient Rome
Piazza Anfiteatro Lucca
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Riva Schiavoni Gondola Parking
Taking Photos in Venice
Faraglioni Capri


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It is said that in Italy there is something for everyone. As one of the world’s greatest hubs of culture, each region of the country is brimming with ancient world history, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking landscape views. Not to mention the iconic monuments, inspiring art, and incredible architecture that has made Italy the sought-after travel destination that it is. With hot spots for everyone from history buffs, to foodies, to those interested in sports and outdoors, travelers would be hard pressed to find another destination that has as many wonderful sites and activities for such a wide variety of interests as Italy.
On top of its many activities and sightseeing, Italy is a country that truly values family and genuine connections. From the dinner table – where conversation is as highly savored as the food – to the famed art museums – where people are compelled to look up from their phones and take in the sheer beauty of the artistic masterpieces – the culture of the country helps to promote mindfulness and connectivity.

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These qualities of abundant experiences and cherished togetherness make Italy the ideal destination for group travel. 

When traveling as a group – whether with business colleagues, with friends, or as part of an organization or club – one of the most difficult tasks can be organizing a travel itinerary that fulfills the needs of everyone while maintaining the group’s central goal. And when it comes to international travel, ensuring all the arrangements are made correctly can be a struggle. 

Luckily, Trips 2 Italy offers custom escorted group tour packages that alleviate the tremendous stress of planning and allows for a relaxing, exciting, and unforgettable vacation for all. We get to know what aspects of your vacation are most important and plan tours and activities based on the exact desires of the group. Our custom escorted group tour packages are fully customizable and allow for the entire group to fully immerse themselves and enjoy the wealth of culture that Italy is so famous for! 

All Group Types

A group trip is the perfect way to bond and create memories, and with Italy as the backdrop, those memories are sure to last a lifetime. Our custom group packages can be tailored to meet the needs of any group, regardless of size. Whether for just a handful of friends for a wine and food tour adventure, or a large reunion of a special interest club, we promise that your customized trip will fulfill all of your Italian vacation dreams!

Group getaways are perfect for a variety of group types, as well. Whether you’re a business owner who is looking to boost morale and unite employees, the leader of a group of students looking to celebrate a recent graduation, the descendant of an Italian family looking for the town of his ancestors or the head of a church group looking to connect with the deep religious roots of Italy, Trips 2 Italy can create the ideal tour itinerary. 

By taking advantage of our Italian insight and expertise, rest assured that we will lead your group in the right direction to ensure your most ideal vacation.

Help Me Plan My Escorted Group Trip

Custom Escorted Group Itinerary

Many travel companies offer only a small variety of group tour packages. Often guests are limited to pre-designed packages that may not meet their exact needs. While we do offer a wide selection of established group trip itineraries, our primary goal is to create a vacation that is 100% tailored to your group. This means that we invite our travelers to tell us what they hope most to get out of their Italian getaway. We ask our guests to tell us what locations, attractions, activities, and experiences are most important and offer our one of a kind perspective to help shape an itinerary that is what you expect, and so much more.
For wine club groups, we may suggest some of Tuscany’s best wineries in the Chianti region. For those interested in an educational trip, we will line up a series of tours that highlight the art, architecture, and history of a few of Italy’s most culturally rich cities. Want a bit of downtime to explore on your own? We’ll make sure to schedule some free time for self-guided experiences. No matter what type or size of group, we will take your specific needs in mind and create a personalized journey that is authentic and inspiring.

Stress Free

Trips 2 Italy’s native Italian staff makes travel planning easy. With our first-hand experience and knowledge of Italy, we are able to cultivate an extraordinary travel itinerary that is catered to the exact specifications for any size group. Our team – which has been planning customized Italian vacations for nearly 15 years – handles all the details of the trip from beginning to end. From booking all travel – including flights, cars, private drivers, water travel, or train tickets – to arranging accommodations and setting up escorted group tours, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. Our goal is for every group to experience the magnificent country that is Italy to the absolute fullest. We strive to create a custom escorted group tour package that not only meets, but exceeds, the group’s expectations. 

Group travel is an amazing way to foster connection, boost morale, and solidify or build relationships, but it should never be stressful and overwhelming. Trips 2 Italy’s mission is to create unbelievable Italian vacation experiences for everyone, and group trips are no exception. No matter where in Italy your group hopes to travel, our custom escorted group tour packages are the perfect, worry-free way to craft the dream group getaway. 


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