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San Franscesco church in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The Captains' Palace in Ascoli Piceno Italy
Colors of the countryside around Ascoli Piceno Italy
The Roman gate in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The bridge in Mondavio fortress in Ascoli Piceno area Italy
Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno Italy
San Giovanni Baptistery in Ascoli Piceno Italy
San Emidio Cathedral in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The Quintana historical joust in Ascoli Piceno Italy
San Marco hermitage in Ascoli Piceno Italy
Pecorino cheese from Ascoli Piceno Italy
Women in traditional costumes doing laces in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The Loggia of the Merchants in Ascoli Piceno Italy
Traditional pottery making in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The famous giant olives from Ascoli Piceno Italy
Stuffed oilves Ascolana style from Ascoli Piceno Italy
The Roman bridge on Castellano creek Ascoli Piceno Italy
Copper works in Ascoli Piceno Italy
A vase at Ascoli Piceno Archeological Museum Italy
The Night of the Colors held in August in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The Ercolani tower in Ascoli Piceno Italy
The bell tower of Saint Peter church in Ascoli Piceno Italy
A view of Ascoli Piceno Piazza del Popolo Italy
A church in Ascoli Piceno surroundings Italy
A glimpse of a small town in Ascoli Piceno county Italy
The coast of Ascoli Piceno Italy
The coast of Ascoli Piceno Italy
Strolling in lovely villages near Ascoli Piceno Italy
A glimpse of Ascoli Piceno Italy
Handmade laces tradition from Ascoli Piceno Italy

Ascoli Piceno

The town of Ascoli Piceno is a place you can see in only one day, but remember for a lifetime. Along with its breathtaking main square, it has other outstanding sights that manage to leave their mark on even the most blase' of tourists.


Start at the Piazza del Popolo, a traffic-free, travertine-paved main square that is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. To one side of the square stands the Palazzo del Popolo, a splendid 13th-century building guarded over by a monumental statue of Pope Paul III. Look inside to see the arcaded Renaissance courtyard. Closing off one end of the piazza is the great Gothic church of San Francesco, a sober but pleasing building both inside and out.

And next to the Piazza, make an unforgettable stop at the Caffe' Meletti to taste the celebrated anisetta liquor.


The other main square, Piazza Arringo, is flanked by the Duomo, and the town hall, or Palazzo Comunale. Inside here you will find the Pinacoteca Civica, Ascoli's art gallery.

On the northern side of town, one of two Franciscan cloisters becomes the town's busy, colorful market in the mornings. The street in front of San Francesco is the center of activity in Ascoli, the Via del Trivio. Follow it north to Ascoli's oldest and prettiest neighborhoods, on the cliffs above the Tronto valley. It's also here on the northern side that you'll find most of the city's surviving towers.


On the western entrance to town, on Corso Mazzini, you will see a small Roman gate, the Porta Gemina, dating back to the first century AD. On the fringes of the city, other Roman remains are everywhere. Just south of the Porta Gemina, on Via Angelini, there are traces of the Roman Theater.

From here, Via Ricci leads up to the Parco della Rimembranza, with two medieval churches of the Annunziata and Sant'Angelo Magno. Finally, there's San Gregorio Magno, built over a Roman temple of Vesta, just behind Ascoli's town hall in Piazza Arringo.


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