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Piazza Vecchia square Bergamo Italy
Fortified wall around the Citta' Alta Bergamo Italy
View of the Basilica and the Colleoni Chapel Bergamo Italy
Sundial under the arcade Bergamo Italy
Colleoni Chapel entrance Bergamo Italy
Piazza Vecchia and its marble fauntain Bergamo Italy
Citta' Alta Bergamo Italy
St. Maria Maggiore's cupola Bergamo Italy
View on the Alps Bergamo Italy
Pagazzano castle Bergamo province Italy
Wintertime on a medieval village Bergamo province Italy
Sunset in Bergamo Italy
Colleoni Chapel interior Bergamo Italy

Bergamo Things to Do

monuments and museums


citta' alta

The old hilltop town is an attraction in its own. There are beautiful churches, towers, plazas, towers, museums, a convent, and a botanical garden in addition to a great view to the town below


galleria dell'accademia carrara

Housed in a neo-classical place this museum contains an array of masterworks, especially portraits. This is fitting as Bergamo was the birthplace of the one of greatest masters of the genre, Giovan Battista Moroni who lived from 1520 to 1578. In addition to works from Moroni, there are pieces from Botticelli, Pisanello, Durer, Giovanni Bellini, Raphael, Veronese, Titian, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Bruegel and other masters.


piazza vecchia

In  the center of the old city is one of the most beautiful plazas in all of Europe, the Piazza Vecchia. It is enclosed by a ring of striking medieval and renaissance buildings including the Biblioteca Civica, the library, the 12th century tower, and the Palazzo Ducale, which also dates from the 12th century. An attractive fountain completes the scene. The beauty of this setting was praised by a diversity of architects including two disparate 20th century masters, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.


colleoni chapel

Designed by Amadeo, who designed the masterful Certosa di Pavia, it houses the tomb of Bortolomeo Colleoni who served as Venice's best leader. Though designed and built during the Renaissance, it exhibits and ornate medieval styles. The artwork under the chapel's dome was painted by Tiepolo in 1733.


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