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Chiavari arcades near Portofino Italy
Portofino colored houses Italy

Portofino Culture

For so small a town, Portofino is an almost complete study in culture and tradition. Set alongside the sea but with a picturesque village in its center, it is a fishing port known for its ancient tradition making macrame' lace. The making of this delicately knotted lace, once made in homes and by the nuns in local convents, was taught to the local women by sailors on their return from expeditions centuries ago. Schools teaching the art of macrame' still exist today.


Only a few miles away from the bustle of the Piazzetta is another representation of the past. Set in a cove, hidden between the rocks and on the beach is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, the Abbey of San Fruttuoso. These two worlds share a simple and secure sense of beauty, enclosing within them the enchantment of a unique place.

A haven of peace and unequalled beauty, Portofino today remains a place of the past, touched by the present where one can still see women working at the lace pillow to make the famous and refined laces, or see famous actors and actresses, artists from every part of the world, writers, scientists, men of finance and industry soaking up the beauty of the sun, sea and warm hospitality of the people of Portofino.


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