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Seafood in Cinque Terre Italy
Outdoor market in Cinque Terre Italy
Grape harvest Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre Food & Wine

food (cibo)


Besides all the seafood and the fresh fruits of the sea, the acciughe (anchovies), are the local main fish specialty. Not only dried and salt conserved, the anchovies are perfect to eat fresh, caught using special fishing lights to attract the fish, called Lampara. The Tegame alla Vernazza is the most typical main course with anchovies, potatoes, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil and herbs.

Along the omnipresent pasta dishes: the Pansotti are a kind of ravioli with spinach and ricotta and served with walnut sauce and of course the spaghetti or trofie pesto, the famous ligurian basil sauce.

An old simple dish is the Torta Pasqualina (Pasqualina Cake): a puff pastry cake made with borage or other vegetables, as wild herbs, chard, artichokes or spinach enriched with ricotta cheese and eggs.


wine (vino)


The terraced vineyards, which in the months of September are full of people using headbands to carry baskets overflowing with golden grapes, produce famous Doc wines.

To enjoy this delicious ligurian cuisine accompany the meal with the wine from the land vineyards called Cinque Terre, a fresh white wine perfect for the seafood. From the same grapes, the famous raising wine Sciacchettra': this high gradation white wine with an intense fragrance the combines apricot, acacia honey and raisin, is perfect as a cool aperitif or to accompany the dessert. The Sciacchetra' was so precious at one time that it was guarded jealously: it was only used to cure the sick or for weddings or the birth of a child.


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