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Typical lagoon houses Gorizia Italy
Attems Petzenstein Palace in Gorizia Italy
Gubana cake from Gorizia Italy
Countryside near Gorizia Italy
Castle of Gorizia Italy
Green fields near Gorizia Italy
University building in Gorizia Italy
Balcony by Pacassi Gorizia Italy
Saint Ignazio Church in Gorizia Italy
Gardens in Gorizia Italy
Temple in City Park Gorizia Italy
View of the Castle Gorizia Italy
Remembrance Park in Gorizia Italy
Saint Ignazio Church Gorizia Italy
Holy Spirit Chapel Gorizia Italy
Typical soup from Gorizia Italy
Typical dish from Gorizia Italy
Gorizia Countryside Italy
Vineyards near Gorizia Italy


Gorizia is nestled in the midst of green country, in a delightful valley of the foot of the Julian Alps and the Karst. In Slovene, gorica means small mountain, which is where Gorizia's name is derived.


The Castle di Gorizia is the symbol of the city. It stores great collections of Renaissance, Baroque, and 18th-century furniture, paintings and sculptures and an important exhibition of pewter, potteries, and armoires.


Gorizia is the capital of the Gorizia province on the Isonzo River and the Slovenian border. It is mainly industrial, commercial, transport and tourist, manufacturing textiles, leather goods, processed food, and machines.


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