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Countryside near Gorizia Italy
Meat dish of Gorizia Italy
Vineyards in Gorizia area Italy
Gubana Cake in Gorizia Italy

Gorizia Food & Wine

Food (cibo)


Enriched throughout the centuries by recipes from Slovenian, Latins, and Germans, the cuisine is typically central European. The cuisine encompasses Austrian and Slovenian influence due to the geographical position and history.

A typical Easter dish is ham cooked in bread and served with cren. Soups made with ingredients such as jota, soup with beans and barley, gnocchi with liver, plums, and apricots, gnocchi of bread with speck, and slikrofi are also typical of this area.


Typical winter dishes are muset and bruade, gulasch, game, and kaiserfleisch, with potatoes with onions, chicory, and salad with beans as side dishes. In spring, omelets, made with herbs, particularly with urtizzons, are popular.

Close to the sea, abundant and delicious seafood is always available.



Wine (Vino)


The wines in the area are DOC Collio and DOC Isonzo.

Choosing from a wide range of 19 red and white wines, you'll find the perfect accompaniment for the traditional cuisine of Gorizia.

The Wine Road is an itinerary created by Agriturist and stretches from Gorizia to Dolegna, connecting picturesque villages and runs along the soft slopes of the Collio.

The Collio blends with every specialty, from the national cuisine to that of Central Europe, from the delicate gifts of the Adriatic to the early garden produce of the Padana region, from tasty stews to traditional German salted meats, and from game to those inebriating spices from the Far East.


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