Options For Couples Looking At Having Weddings Abroad In Italy

Beautiful weddings can happen anywhere, but more couples are looking into making memorable experiences with weddings abroad. A great escape, an opportunity to travel, and a romantic foreign setting to exchange vows are just some of the pros of choosing to get married away from home. Italy has become a favorite destination for many couples because the enchanting country encompasses almost all of the aspects travelers are looking for. Majestic medieval towns, regal castles, rustic country sides, lush rolling hills, ancient villas, and more are waiting. Whether the happy couple prefers a historical or architectural touch, or lush vineyards and native flora, or something in between, Italy has the perfect backdrop available to complement the ceremony.

Tailored Itineraries for the Happy Couple

With Trips 2 Italy, couples who are looking into weddings abroad will enjoy the personalized help that will make planning more manageable. This option allows the couple to choose how their ceremony and stay will be from start to finish. From the food, the sites, the accommodations, and much more, the wedding of your dreams can become a reality!

For an extended stay in Italy, either before or after the wedding, guided sightseeing tours are a popular option for visiting some of the most memorable and fascinating sites this fabulous country has to offer. Many couples plan to have their friends and family come early to make the most of their time in Italy, taking full advantage of experiencing all the wonders and magic that Italy has to offer.

The Ceremony’s location

Lake Como is a favorite spot for weddings abroad. Many consider this picturesque area the perfect place for the ceremony due to its rich history and stunning landscape. Lavish greenery, a brilliant blue sky, and majestic mountains dotted with charming villas only serves to add to the beauty of the ceremony. Most couples gush over the beauty of this ceremonial space and enjoy how close the location is to Venice and the country’s capital, Rome. Many choose to visit these cities in the days following the ceremony to add to the romance and history surrounding this event.  But make no mistake, whether you choose to add additional stops or not, Lake Como is a beautiful destination all in itself.

A One of a Kind Experience

As more and more couples choose to have their weddings abroad, Trips 2 Italy is the clear choice when it comes to making the best day of your life all you ever dreamed of. The experts with this company are native Italians, so they have the upper hand when it comes to breathtaking venues, the best caterers, exquisite florists, and more! Make this day memorable for yourselves and your guests by working with Trips 2 Italy on planning your dream wedding.

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