Searching For Destination Wedding Venues In Italy

Searching For Destination Wedding Venues In ItalyThere is something almost magical about the wedding venues found in Italy. From the majesty of the Alps in the Lake District in the north, to the sound of rolling waves washing over the beach on the island of Sardinia, the country was made to be a backdrop for your romantic ceremony. There are a variety of sites you can use to hold your ceremony – villas, palaces, mansions, rustic farmhouses, and castles, to name a few. A couple of words of caution when it comes to destination wedding venues in Italy…some sites can be used for just the ceremony with a reception held elsewhere, and others you can use for both. If you use a reputable travel agent, like Trips 2 Italy, they will be able to help you book the right place(s) to make your dreams a reality. There are three different scenarios based on region and site.

A Castle on the outskirts of Rome: Ceremony & Reception

No woman ever loses the dream to feel like a princess on her big day. And why should she? Castello Orsini-Ordescalchi just outside of Rome is one of the best-maintained and largest castles in the country. Imagine the ceremony taking place inside the castle’s cathedral – sprays of flowers adorn the pews, softly lit recesses making the affair even more intimate, while the bride makes her way down the aisle gazing adoringly at her intended. After the ceremony, adjourn to the Secret Garden for your reception. Here, you can see the ivy growing up the walls of the castle. The garden, overlooking Lake Bracciano, was once a classical Italian garden, but the old fountains have been filled with beautiful flowering plants that lend an almost fairytale-like aura to the garden. For your honeymoon, hop over to Rome and spend a couple of weeks soaking in the culture, history, and magic of the Eternal City. Rome is one of the top wedding venues and honeymoon spots in Italy…and quite possibly the world.

A Villa on the Amalfi Coast: Ceremony & Reception

In Ravello on the Amalfi Coast is the Villa Cimbrone. This 12th century villa is brimming with lush gardens, intimate grottoes, and panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The gardens make an ideal site for one of the most gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in Italy. The aisle is covered in flower petals, whose fragrance wafts gently as the bride makes her march. Above, the cerulean blue sky is tinted with hues of orange and sunset slowly approaches. After the couple has said their “I Do’s,” they can take their pictures amongst the many gardens, including Eve’s Grotto, the Rose Terrace, and the Tea Room. Afterwards, head over the reception site. Here, lanterns are strung amongst the trees projecting a surreal atmosphere on the celebration. It makes one think of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night where sprites and fairies may pop out any minute to dance amongst the trees and flowers. The restaurant on site is a five star, gourmet dream. With expert sommeliers and Michelin Star chefs, the reception will be something your guests will continue to talk about for a long time to come.

Country Farmhouse in Tuscany: Ceremony & Reception

Rustic elegance is the best way to describe your first impression of the Fonte de Medici. The Fonte is a collection of farmhouses and remains a jewel amongst the many wedding venues in Italy. The main one, the Borgo, is more like an exquisite villa with its beautiful arch windows and stonework. Located in the heart of one of the world’s most prolific wine-producing regions, Fonte de Medici is a venue perfect for the couple that want their family and friends to enjoy a feast for the senses. The grounds overlook rolling hills dotted with vineyards, while the gardens are overflowing with flowers and look out over the lake. A harpist will pluck the wedding march as the bride makes her way down the steps to the pavilion to meet her groom. Afterwards, partake of an authentic Tuscan reception complete with incredible foods and wines (this is Chianti country after all!). Depending on the number of people attending, you can have your reception on the panoramic terrace or in the lush gardens.

Trips 2 Italy can help you scout and book wedding venues in Italy for your dream day. If you are looking for destination wedding venues in Italy, then give them a call to begin planning your destination wedding experience today!

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