Looking For Wedding Packages In Italy

Looking For Wedding Packages In Italy & Honeymoon TripsAre you thinking about getting married abroad and looking for wedding packages in Italy? Trips 2 Italy can help you arrange everything from the ceremony to the reception to the honeymoon!

Getting married is a joyous time for everyone, including your family and friends. Destination weddings are a great way of having an incredible experience that you can share with everyone while also creating a special memory that will last a lifetime. Getting married abroad offers an opportunity to see a new place, experience a different culture, and escape from the everyday. One of Italy’s most beautiful and scenic places to get married is on the Italian Riviera.

Lined with charming coastal villages and sun-kissed shores, the Italian Riviera is bordered by the turquoise Mediterranean waters in the south, and the majestic Maritime Alps and Apennines mountains in the north. It encompasses a region known as Liguria, a dichotomous stretch of land with both rugged cliff sides and verdant valleys. One of the Riviera’s most idyllic towns is Portofino. Surrounded by the lush countryside, this cute harbor town is the hot destination for the elite. It is romantic, relaxing, and exclusive and has been the spot for celebrity gatherings for decades. It is not unheard of to see a celebrity’s yacht docked while they take in all that Portofino has to offer. Its prominence began in the 1800s when the wealthy British aristocracy discovered this Italian jewel. Since that time, the wealthy elite have flocked to Portofino. Today, the town is filled with luxury boutiques, elegant restaurants and cafes, and lovely villas with stunning vistas.

Getting married in Italy requires knowledge of the laws and customs. Here is where Trips 2 Italy’s custom wedding packages come in. They have experienced professional wedding planners and have established relationships with vendors in exclusive areas of the country, from florists to photographers and videographers. When they say custom package, they mean absolute personalization. They will arrange every detail, you just have to tell them what you want. They will be able to suggest venues based on whether you want a rustic ceremony or a grand service in a cathedral. You have your pick of wedding packages because Trips 2 Italy will tailor it to your specifications.

Besides your ceremony, Trips 2 Italy can also set up excursions and day trips for you and your guests so you can experience all that the region has to offer. So, wedding packages in Italy can easily be turned into a vacation for the entire wedding party, encompassing some of the beautiful sites and history this amazing country has to offer.

After the ceremony and reception are over, why not have them help you plan the perfect honeymoon? Trips 2 Italy is your one-stop shop when it comes to planning your Italian wedding.

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