Trips 2 Italy Offers Many Vacation To Go Packages

Trips 2 Italy Offers Many Vacation To Go PackagesTrips 2 Italy offers many “vacation to go” packages that let you take control of your holiday. You are able to take advantage of planned excursions while still having the freedom to go off on your own to explore. Their Fly and Drive packages are perfect because they are all about your pace and your itinerary. No hopping on and off buses with a group on a pre-set schedule. You can take your time discovering the sites and really experience all that Italy has to offer.

All of Trips 2 Italy’s Fly and Drive packages focus on a particular city or region of Italy. These “vacation to go” packages can be as active as you want. Do you love the idea of walking along coastal terraces overlooking the Italian Riviera? The Active Tour of Cinque Terre is a completely customizable holiday package that centers around trekking these five beautiful villages. The area is one beautiful panoramic setting with charming abbeys, rugged walking trails, and picturesque villages. Walking is the best mode of transportation as you can walk along the coastal terraced trails that connect the charming villages. Home to the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre and the Pelagos Sanctuary, the region is an interesting fusion of nature and manmade structures. Always on a “Top Ten” list for eco-tourism destinations, Cinque Terre is a great place to connect with nature and warm people. Come and experience a region that still draws on ancient customs to create a unique cultural adventure. For the nature lover, this package is certain to be a hit!

Another great “vacation to go” package that gives you the reins is the Small Gems of Umbria and Tuscany Tour. This is a week-long tour that gives you the best of both worlds—scheduled activities and time to explore at your leisure. Based in two of Italy’s most beautiful regions, you will walk, eat, and drink your way through these two region’s most famous towns. In the morning you will learn the traditional making of olive oil, and then wandering around the town of Assisi in the afternoon – do not forget to see the Basilica, the two medieval castles, the amphitheater, and Minerva’s Temple. You will also visit Perugia – the chocolate capital of Italy! In Siena, you will learn the secrets to the yumminess of authentic Italian cuisine while also exploring the medieval town and its wineries. This is definitely the package for the foodies in your life.

No matter what you want to see or do, Trips 2 Italy can customize a vacation to go that includes the must-see places that interest you most. Call or visit their website for more information on the different tour packages available.

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