Using An Expert Tour Guide When Traveling To Italy

Planning To Traveling To Italy With An Expert Tour GuideMost people planning on traveling to Italy go to an online-booking engine thinking they offer the best deal. Unfortunately, virtual sites are not always the most clear about the specifics of what they offer. For example, they may not mention how far the hotel is from the city’s center and the major sites. The end result may be that any savings received will likely be eaten up on transportation costs back and forth from the hotel. This is why using an expert tour operator like Trips 2 Italy is important. When traveling to Italy, it is important to have someone who will help plan the trip from start to finish. The agent should be able to personalize the vacation according to the tourist’s specific requirements and requests. Trips 2 Italy will make sure the hotel is centrally located and in walking distance of the preferred sites and scenery.

Another reason to use Trips 2 Italy when traveling to Italy? The specialists are from Italy! Who better to help plan a trip than those who know the country intimately? They can offer great travel advice and tips while also coaching you on etiquette and customs. Plus, they know the best times to travel for different regions and can assist in document preparation. Let’s be honest, a virtual site cannot give you this level of dedication. A common misconception is that these services cost more than using an online-booking engine. The virtual booking engine posts a “cheap” price, but when you get done booking your trip, you realize the price did not include everything you expected, and there are typically additional hidden fees. The traveler will also not have one on one guidance during the planning stage. Native tour operators develop relationships with hotels and guide operators to get you great pricing. When you book with Trips 2 Italy, the price you are quoted includes everything you planned – with no surprises or hidden fees! Plus, you will have a phone number for assistance from a live specialist while traveling, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is something most virtual sites can’t offer.

A tour operator’s job is to combine the right ingredients of travel and tour to create the perfect holiday. This is where Trips 2 Italy’s knowledgeable vacation specialists excel – helping you plan your unforgettable Italian vacation experience. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

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