What Type Of Travel Tours To Italy Does Trips 2 Italy Offer?

What Type Of Travel Tours To Italy Does Trips 2 Italy Offer?Looking for escorted travel tours to Italy? Not sure where to start your journey? Let Trips 2 Italy help you plan the best Italian experience possible with their escorted and semi-escorted packages.

When traveling abroad, you want to find tours that let you see as much as possible. And if you are going to Italy then you are going to want a package that offers an escorted or semi-escorted tour. These provide you a guide that will give you the best experience the country has to offer.

The great thing about escorted and semi-escorted excursions is the convenience. Everything is planned in advance and taken care of so there are no hassles or headaches. Your transportation, hotels, most meals, and sightseeing are part of the package. You just show up and enjoy the ride. You do not have to think, “What do I want to see today? How do I get to that museum, historical site, etc.?” You do not even need to worry about language barriers. A lot of people worry about translating and understanding customs. The guide will help you navigate everything from restaurant menus to wall plaques describing an ancient building.

What type of travel tours to Italy does Trips 2 Italy offer?

They can create any vacation package based on what you want to see and your personal interests. You can head to some of the more well-known cities like Rome, Venice, or Sicily. Or you can go off the beaten path and see less traveled (but equally as fascinating) destinations like Veneto, Padua, Trieste, or Verona. One of the more popular packages is the Best of Sicily escorted tour. It is eight days and seven nights where you will discover all that Sicily has to offer. You will see colorful markets, medieval castles, soaring cathedrals, Grecian temples, and the majestic Mount Etna. Sicily is renowned for its cuisine. A lot of what we think of as Italian cuisine comes from Sicily. Having it prepared the traditional way with the freshest ingredients will completely transform the way you enjoy Italian food. Of course, while in Italy you will have the opportunity to close the meal with a delightful caffe espresso.

If you prefer a slower pace or a little more free rein to explore on your own, then try one of the semi-escorted travel tours to Italy. A lesser visited city is great for a semi-escorted tour. You get guided sightseeing, but also more time to explore places on your own. The Veneto and Friuli regions have one of the best in-depth, semi-escorted packages. It gives you a taste of the surrounding areas while giving you ample opportunity to head off and do your own discovering. You start your journey in Milan’s historic center. You will take a motor coach to Verona, the setting of Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. You will visit the Arena (a famouns Roman Amphitheater), a palace, and even see Juliet’s balcony from its iconic literary scene. Do not forget to touch the statue of Juliet for “luck in love.” Another highlight is taking a cruise on the Brenta River (operates from March to November) where you will see the grandeur of the 16th-century villas where wealthy Venetians would summer. It is a package that will give you the splendors of the historical villas and palaces, while also giving you glimpses of quaint, charming villages where people still do things the traditional way. Of course, the food and wine are exceptional.

So, if you are looking for travel tours to Italy, contact the experts at Trips 2 Italy and start planning your escorted or semi-escorted package today.

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