What Are The Different Travel To Italy Packages?

What Are The Different Travel To Italy Packages Offered By Trips 2 ItalyEnthusiastic visitors who want to explore new places without the hassle of planning should consider travel to Italy packages. Visitors can customize their trip or choose a pre-made itinerary, depending on what they would like to see and the size of their group. Whether customized or not, visitors can bike through beautiful landscapes, take a cooking class, take an escorted tour, or leave room to simply wander around at their own leisure. No matter what kind of trip visitors are looking for, they don’t have to worry about breaking the budget or not being able to see everything they want.

The Essentials

Many travel to Italy packages will include all of the essentials: airfare, hotel reservations, car rentals and train tickets. A delicious Italian meal, usually breakfast, is included for most days of the trip. Every trip includes additional activities and meals, depending on the type of trip that is chosen. Covering the basics lets visitors spend less time worrying and planning, and more time exploring and experiencing. There is a trip for every type of traveler. Whether visitors want to see specific cities and regions, or do specific activities, there is a package for it!

Customized and Individual Tours

Some visitors want the choice to pick where they go, what they see, and how long they stay. Every type of tour can be customized, from honeymoons to family vacations to cultural tours. Expert tour guides will work with visitors to create the best personalized itinerary. With local knowledge, guides will know all the best and hidden places to visit. Alternatively, if visitors prefer, they can choose a trip that isn’t customized but includes unplanned time for travelers to explore on their own.

Escorted Tours

Travel to Italy packages can be made completely stress-free. Visitors can pick all types of tours such as those that explore the whole of Italy, or those that explore specific places such as Florence and Venice. Guided tours can focus on the art that is abundant all over the country. Visitors won’t have to worry about where to go or how to get there, or the best place to stop for a leisurely lunch. With a tour group, visitors can have fun exploring with other visitors and learn from a local tour guide.

Culinary Tours

A culinary tour is a great option for those who want to learn about Italy through the food. Trips can be as short as a few hours, or can make a perfect addition to seeing the sights, making it a full day. Visitors can learn about Chianti wine, learn how to cook handmade pasta, and visit food markets for fresh local produce. Tours can include cooking lessons or guided wine tours. Travelers can learn about local food traditions and view the spectacular landscapes where the fresh produce is grown.

Fly and Drive

Travel to Italy packages can offer an adventure with a fly and drive package. Visitors won’t have to worry about rental car arrangements or hotel reservations, and can instead just take a car and go! Visitors can drive through beautiful winding country sides and breathtaking panoramas. For those who want to be outside and active, they can hop on a bike and explore the sunny Tuscan region. Mountain bike tours and trekking tours are also an option for those who want to practice their sport while visiting the country.

Travel to Italy packages are flexible, diverse, and offer plenty of options to choose from. No matter what type of tour, visitors will not be disappointed, especially when consulting with the experts at Trips 2 Italy.

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