How Can A Personal Travel Guide To Italy Help You?

How Can A Personal Travel Guide To Italy Help You?Visiting a foreign country can mean stepping out of your comfort zone, but having a personal travel guide to Italy means getting the inside scoop on the best times and places to visit, and even off the beaten path places that locals know and you should too! The folks at Trips 2 Italy understand this and can help you pick the right times of the year to visit, the best places to see, and things to do that will maximize your fun time while minimizing the stress of being in a foreign country.

No matter where you go in this beautiful boot-shaped country, there is something to do for every age. However, certain times of the year are better for visiting some places than others. As your personal travel guide, Trips 2 Italy can tell you that going to Italy means finding the right time to visit. Summer is when most people travel because of school vacation here in the states, but in Europe, some countries go to school year round with holiday time occurring in the month of August. This can be a very busy time to visit, especially for the seaside villages. Early spring and late fall are probably some of the best times for visiting as the weather is temperate and you can avoid some of the larger crowds. Winter holidays are amazing here as Christmas is a sight to behold throughout all of the country. In the north, the ski villages in the Italian Alps are booming, so prices can be higher. Summer and winter are great for exploring Rome (except Christmas…Vatican City and the Pope are even more popular then!) and some of the other cities as people flock to the beaches in summer and mountains in the winter. Vice versa, the Amalfi Coast or the Lake District is good in the spring and fall as people spend a lot of time in the cities. That does not mean to say there are not great deals for peak travel time, but keep the seasons in mind when visiting.

What else would your personal travel guide tell you about going to Italy? How about where to go? If you are a first-timer, then stick to popular places like Florence, Naples, Rome, or Venice. Rome is probably everyone’s bucket list city. And it should be! The city’s storied history still influences much of Western Civilization. The places to visit in Rome are too numerous to list, but Trips 2 Italy will help you plan an itinerary that will get you to the most popular destinations. Venice is also a historic city that must be seen. The canal system alone is worth the trip! However, Florence is the city that gave us unarguably the best art and renowned artists, so an entire trip organized around museum and architectural visits is what you will need to discover why Florence inspired so many great, creative people.

You know when to go, where to go, but how about where to stay? If Trips 2 Italy is your personal travel guide, they would tell you that going to Italy means staying in some extremely interesting places. How about a castle or medieval villa? Or how about an old farmhouse, or maybe even a convent or monastery? The possibilities are amazing and nearly limitless when it comes to accommodations. There are also lovely hotels. Depending on what your agenda is, Trips 2 Italy can find you a place that fits all your needs. They can also help you sort through the very confusing Italian accommodation rating system. Stars are not equal, that’s for sure! They can help you find centrally located places that make getting around breeze.

No matter where you choose to go, Trips 2 Italy will be your travel guide to help you experience Italy like a native. Give them a call to start booking your next unforgettable vacation today!

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