The Best Spots In Italy For Romanic Vacations

The Best Spots For Romanic Vacations In ItalyWithout a doubt, Italy is one of the top destinations for romantic vacations. Maybe it’s the rich history or the stories of lovers from centuries ago, but there is something about Italy that brings out the romantic in all of us. When you think of romantic Italian vacations, you might think of throwing a coin for luck in the Trevi Fountain in Rome or gondola rides in Venice, but amore abounds no matter where you go in this most passionate of countries.

Looking for unconventional meets unforgettable ideas for romantic vacations? Then Trips 2 Italy is your jumping off point! One of the most idyllic spots for any couple is the island of Sicily. With its cerulean waters, sun-filled skies, and striking landscapes, the island is a blending of different ancient cultures that still influence the inhabitants to this day. Rent a scooter, lounge on the beach, try sailing, or go horseback riding – the possibilities are endless when creating an extraordinarily memorable trip.

Another spot for romantic vacations is Verona – known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it is located between Milan and Venice. You can visit Juliet’s house and see the famous balcony where Romeo uttered his memorable lines to Juliet. One of Verona’s most popular spots is the Arena. This Roman amphitheater was originally constructed in the first century and is the third largest in the world! In times long ago, gladiators battled each other here, but today its use is for far gentler pursuits, such as opera productions, concerts, fairs, and the theater. An opera festival is held in the Arena annually and is not to be missed!

Maybe you and your loved one are looking for a spot rich with history, breathtaking views, and a vibrant nightlife? Then you should take a trip to Turin in the Piedmont region. Famous for housing the Holy Shroud, home to automaker Fiat, and being the chocolate capital of the world, Turin is a city of both mystery and elegance and is perfect for the most romantic of vacations. There is truly too much to see and do in just one trip. There are castles, cathedrals, factories, and museums to see. For a first-timer to Turin, the top three places that must be seen are:

#1 – Turin Cathedral and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud

Constructed from the remnants of three medieval churches, it is now home to the famous Holy Shroud of Turin. The cathedral itself is a work of architectural beauty. From the central nave to the chapel, it was built with both aesthetics and function in mind. Listen to the bells toll in the ancient campanile (bell tower) as you gaze upon the shroud with the pilgrims that travel from all over the world for a glimpse of this holy relic.

#2 – The Egyptian Museum of Turin

The second largest antiquities collection in the world, the Museo Egizio is a novice Egyptologist’s dream. The museum has the oldest known version of The Egyptian Book of the Dead which describes the ancient funerary preparations and rites. Other pieces of note are the Table of Isis, the Tombs of Khan and Merit, and a large collection of papyrus that Champollion used in decoding hieroglyphics (along with the Rosetta Stone). The collection is an amazing walk through Egyptian history and culture.

#3 – The Mole Antonelliana

As a symbol of the city, this soaring architectural masterpiece has a storied history. Today, you can take a panoramic elevator to the top and enjoy a 360° view of the city. Inside, the Mole houses the National Museum of Cinema – known as the tallest museum in the world. The museum houses a wonderful collection of Italian cinematic memorabilia. It also hosts film festivals throughout the year, with the Torino Film Festival as its culmination.

A side note: Chocolate shops line the streets of Turin, so definitely indulge in the best of the best in chocolate!

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