How Can An Italy Wedding Planner Help Couples Getting Married?

How Can An Italy Wedding Planner Help Couples Getting Married?Getting married in Italy requires finding a professional wedding planner that can walk you through the paperwork and customs. It is not difficult getting married in Italy, but it does take time to make sure documents are filed properly, find vendors, and make sure the locale is booked. Having a professional advocate on your side makes the process go much smoother. There are several steps to getting married in Italy and having a wedding planner help you means less stress and more enjoyment.

Location, Location, Location

There are a number of popular places to get married, including Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi Coast, the Lake District, Sardinia, and more. Each city, town, or region has its own flair and customs that lend to the unique atmosphere of any destination wedding. Deciding on where to have the ceremony may be difficult with all of the wonderful options available. A special note is if you want to be married in a Catholic church. The couple must obtain parish permission from the priest stating that he knows them and they have fulfilled all pre-cana classes.

Finding the florist, cake, DJ, ceremony and reception sites

A destination ceremony in Italy requires a little more advance preparations than having one at home. This is where a wedding planner is invaluable. Working with someone with local contacts within the community can guide you to the best vendors and help with additional options. They can also help with the filing of documents.

Speaking of documents…

This is probably unarguably the most important step, because without it there is no chance of a legally binding marriage. First, gather all the required documents – passports, birth certificates, and if previously married, divorce decree or spouse’s death certificate. All documents will need to be officially translated into Italian. There are professional translation companies available, or you can have the Italian consulate perform this service. You will then need to request an Apostille stamp. This is an extremely important step as it lets all documents be officially used in a foreign country. The Apostille is an authentication of the public official’s signature. Make sure all documents are originals and not copies. If the ceremony is going to be performed by a priest in the Catholic Church, the premarital class certificate needs to be included in the paperwork.

The Atto Notorio

This is the official document that states a couple can actually get married in Italy. Three to four months before the wedding date, the translated paperwork with Apostille stamp needs to be taken to the Consulate. You will also need witnesses – the number can vary, so call ahead to find out how many people you will need. After everything has been accepted, you will receive the Atto Notorio. Make sure it has Repubblica Italiana and Consolato Generale d’Italia on it or it is not a valid document.

And now you need…

Prepare to spend four to five days in Italy before your ceremony. A wedding planner will help you with final preparations and keep everything on schedule. They will help you obtain the Nulla Osta. This is a legal proceeding where you and your partner will swear under oath there are no legal obstructions to the marriage in both Italy and the United States. The fee will need to be paid in cash. After the Nulla Osta is secured, head to the local Office of the Prefecture to have the document legalized. Once this is done, you have six months to get married. If the documentation expires, you will have to repeat this whole process.

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