How To Find The Best Italy Tour Guide For A Vacation

How To Find The Best Italy Tour Guide For A VacationIn Italy, a tour guide is a Renaissance person with their knowledge of the country’s and cities’ history, landmarks, and the ability to speak multiple languages. They are an ambassador, leader, and one-person welcoming committee all rolled into one. But how do they get to be these amazing people who help translate not just the language, but also their culture?

A guide can make or break a vacation. When they are good, it can be the best trip of your life, and when they are not so good, well, you might never want to visit the country again. Touring companies know this, so becoming a successful tour guide requires having certain personality traits and skills, including:

  • Loving people
  • Having excellent communication skills
  • Making every person feel like a VIP
  • Being passionate about the locale and various sites
  • Being energetic – can endlessly walk and talk about subjects
  • Being able to spark imaginations while talking about historical people and places
  • Handles the unexpected with calmness
  • Has a great sense of humor – they need to be able to break the ice easily and get members of the group to bond
  • A great planner – can handle weather changes, delays, traffic jams, and lodging issues. Has a plan from A – Z.
  • An adventurous spirit with a love of traveling and experiencing new things

It is not an easy path, and you have to be an expert of the history of the country and its many regions and cities. In addition, a guide must be authorized with an official license by each city or region in which they operate. Getting licensed is not an easy task due to a series of rigorous written and oral exams given by the government. And unfortunately, many aspiring guides do not pass the exams and are unable to get their license. Then you have to speak an average of four to five different languages. And not just a passing understanding, you have to be completely fluent and understand syntax and colloquialisms. Most tour guides have degrees in hospitality so that they possess both incredible people skills and communication skills. The most important aspect of all in Italy, for being a tour guide is acquiring a professional degree. This will be instrumental when it comes to sharing the knowledge gained in Art History as you can share in-depth knowledge of not just the art, but the artists themselves. Including where they were born, the schools they were acquainted with, and the influences that the region and society played in their art. All that knowledge contained in one person’s brain…how incredible is that?

An Italy tour guide will be able to share a breadth of knowledge and history with visitors, allowing them to truly experience Italy. These extraordinary people help make the visitors vacation a marvelous experience that will have them planning their next trip to this beautiful country before the current trip ends. Trips2Italy only works with licensed professionals and hand-selected guides for their tours.

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