Trips 2 Italy Offers Day Excursions For A Unique Vacation

Where To Find Italy Vacation Packages That Are All InclusiveTrips 2 Italy has day excursions to suit nearly any taste and show you the absolute wonders of this beautiful country. One of the best things about Italy is that the main cities are fairly close together. It is easy to travel by car, train, bus, or even bike! Each region is unique and from one city or town, you can branch out to the surrounding towns from your “base of operations.”

How would this work? Well, for example say you are in Rome. The Eternal City is in the region of Lazio. Granted, you can spend weeks on end in Rome and never see everything, there are some really charming towns and gorgeous landscapes you won’t want to miss. In the Tyrrhenian Sea lies an archipelago called the Pontine Islands. Back in ancient times, they were the playgrounds of the rich and elite. The islands of Ponza and Ventotene are relatively unknown jewels of the sea. Ponza is famous for its Etruscan Blue Grottoes. An archeological treasure trove, the island is home to some of the world’s greatest civilizational ruins. There are Egyptian, Greek, and Etruscan ruins. And there are the remains of a Phoenician necropolis in the center of the island. After checking out all the ruins and secret grottoes, you can sit back and relax on the many sandy beaches alongside the cerulean waters. The smaller island of Ventotene, Italy is full of visual splendors and incredible excursions. The eponymous town is full of pink and white houses that dot the seaside. The island itself is a feast for the senses. The countryside is resplendent with the aroma of peach blossoms, apricots, and plums. There also seems to be an infinite amount of colorful and intoxicating flowers. There are caves here, as well as an ancient Roman harbor. There is scuba diving, hiking, spelunking, and sunbathing. There are also a couple of museums and a castle to check out. One of the best times to visit Ventotene is between September 10th and the 20th. During this time, they celebrate their patron saint, Santa Candida, with a magnificent festival. One of the most beautiful things in the festival is the launching of the dozens and dozens of hand-painted hot air balloons. It is truly a sight to behold.

North of Lazio lies the region of Tuscany. Most people visit Florence and hop over to Pisa to see the leaning tower. But there is so much more to Tuscany than these two places. One such place is the quaint area of Maremma, Italy. Excursions will center on the beauty of the countryside where medieval villages seem to sprout from the land. There are castles, fortified villas, and breathtaking landscapes. There are tons of cooking classes, cycling adventures, and more available. The area comes alive during the late summer and early fall months with the festival season. One of the most unique festivals is the annual donkey race in Vetulonia that is held the first Sunday in September.  There are four districts in the town that compete for the main prize and bragging rights.

There are many other places in Italy that you can use as jumping off points for unique day excursions. Day trips from Naples to Pompeii or jetting over to the Aeolian Islands from Sicily or traveling amongst the different regions to see what they offer. When you are ready to start planning your next Italian adventure, give Trips 2 Italy a call. They can help you plan and book your excursions ensuring you will see everything you wish to see.

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