Finding Italian Travel Packages For Couples Or Families

Finding Italian Travel Packages For Couples Or FamiliesThose looking for Italian travel packages will be happy to know that there are packages that appeal to couples, groups, families with small children, and families with teens. How can someone find Italian travel packages that will make everyone happy and create lasting memories? Call Trips 2 Italy. They have vacation bundles that cater to what anyone is looking for.

Just for the Two of You

A couple looking for a romantic getaway should look no further than the Venice and Verona tour. It may be one of the most romantic tours couples take. Venice is a lover’s paradise where gondoliers still row along the city’s many canals. It is not just the canals, but the grandeur of the architecture that carries people back to a long-forgotten time. Venice is beautiful with its marble palaces, colorful villas, and dazzling cathedrals. Verona is famed for being the location where Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet. Visitors can see her balcony and see the pleas of star-crossed lovers everywhere that have been etched into the courtyard’s gateway over the centuries.

Families with Children 10 and under

Children need a chance to roam and play and have history come to life. If ever a city was made for adventures and little imaginations, it would be Rome. An absolute favorite for all kids is the Colosseum. Kids, especially boys, easily imagine the spectacle of gladiators fighting, or lions ready to pounce, or where emperors sat and decided the fates of their warriors. The Colosseum is huge and kids will delight being able to run and play, and pretend to be gladiators themselves. There are also tons of parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the city, but conveniently close to famous attractions. When the family is done visiting the museums, they can pick up some food in the open-air markets or from a street vendor, and take the kids to the park for a picnic. Trips 2 Italy has many different Rome vacation bundles to choose from and are easy to customize to include rest time for the little ones.

Families with Teens/Young Adults

Most people would say stay in Rome, but this is the time when exposing teenagers to culture is imperative for their growth. Tuscany would be the place to go. It is a region with great food, warm people, and lots to see and do. Florence is an obvious place to visit with its famed art museums. There is also a museum dedicated completely to the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci. When the art museums become overwhelming, head over to Pisa to see the leaning tower, the rowing race that is done in medieval costumes, or if one is lucky, the Regata delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare, which only occurs every four years in June. Tuscany is also nice to just bike around. There are entire tours that are spent cycling around the countryside. It is also a region where the food is incredible. Luckily for parents, the wine is too.

This is just a small sampling of what types of activities and tours are available Trips 2 Italy’s Italian travel packages. The best way to get started is to call Trips 2 Italy and talk to a specialist to discover which of their Italian travel packages would best be suited. They can handle every aspect of the vacation, leaving everyone with the ability to just sit back and enjoy a true Italian experience.

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